When I was 12


When I was 12

When I was 12 I lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada at 317 Magnus Street and then in a townhouse on Plessis Road in Transcona, a subdivision of Winnipeg.  I lived with my mother and my step father, Gordon , two younger brothers and two younger sisters.

When I was 12 I attended William Whyte Elementary and, later in the fall i attended St. John’s High school and then to a junior high school in Transcona.  I was a school crossing guard at William Whyte and I was very proud to be doing that esteemed job.

When I was 12 mom would feed us in the morning and then kick us out the door to play with our friends.  Mom would say, “Come get something to eat if you’re hungry, let me know if you are going anywhere and don’t come in until the lights are on.”  In those days there weren’t so many creepers around.

When I was 12 I played games like hopscotch, throwing pebbles to decide my move.  I played marbles too.  I had so many large marbles from beating the boys at it, that I had a big box for them.  When I was 12 I played tag and “It” with all the kids in the neighborhood.  You played it the game by running around to avoid being touched.  If you were touched you were “it”.  We played Hide and sSek, Red Rover, Red Light Green Light and even cowboys and indians.  Sometimes I was the cowboy and sometimes I was the indian but it was always fun.  Couldn’t play that game now though; political correctness and all.

When I was 12 I loved to dance and would spend hours trying to do the moves the ballerina’s on TV did or when I got a little funky, I tried to do the newest disco moves.  I was the disco queen when I was 12.  One of my favorite bands was Fleetwood Mac, which we did morning exercises to every day in junior high school.

When I was 12 we would be given a quarter to go to the weekly movie theater showing all the best kids show.  That quarter included entrance, drink and popcorn.  Sometimes mom would give us a nickel and we would go to the corner store and load up on candy.  Dentists must have hated that time.

When I was 12 bell bottoms were cool but the elephant bottoms were all the rage.  I never caught on to that one.  I was a more of a dress kind of girl.

When I was 12, my uncle Danny would come to visit once in awhile.  He lived in Thunder Bay, Ontario.  When uncle Danny would come to town he would always make sure to bring his sister, my mom, a rose and to bring me one too.  When the neighborhood kids saw him come down the road, they raced to my house, knowing we would all be treated to whatever we wanted at the corner store which was also a meat market, owned by a Ukrainian couple.

When I was 12, I wanted to be older and now that I am older, I want to be 12 again.  You just can’t please some people! lol

My advice to those who are young and want to be grown up, trust me it’s not all that it’s cut out to be.  There are bills to pay, things to be bought and your own story to write.  For now, enjoy being the age you are.  Trust me, one day you will look back and think just how silly you were to wish you were older.

There are things I enjoyed about being 12 and didn’t enjoy but you know what they say, age is just a number and that one just happens to follow 11 and come before 13.  Oh 13, now that’s new and interesting story.

What’s your story?  Who were you at age 12?  Have a great day and thanks for reading my blog.

Fleetwood Mac – The Chain

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