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Need help around the globe? You are not alone.

Need help around the globe? You are not alone. Toll-Free Crisis Hotline Numbers Childhelp® Phone: 800.4.A.CHILD (800.422.4453) People They Help: Child abuse victims, parents, concerned individuals Child Sexual Abuse Darkness to Light Phone: 866.FOR.LIGHT (866.367.5444) People They Help: Children and adults needing local information or resources about sexual abuse Human Trafficking National Human Trafficking Hotline

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Facebook: Home to Incest, Child Rape and a ton of other atrocities

Continuing on with my rant on this site named Facebook which really should be renamed “Fakebook” because while they claim to have over a billion members, they include all the members who are dormant, have deactivated accounts, who are banned or are fake accounts. We have all seen names like Gokai Blue or some other

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