9 yr old Attacks Toddler in Daycare – Caught

9 yr old Attacks Toddler in Daycare – Caught

Someone posted a link to a video on a Facebook wall and just like anyone else who saw it, I instantly became angry and knew I had to do something rather than nothing. The video contains a 9 year old boy in Mississippi who is seen repeatedly hitting and biting an 11 month old infant and then physically attacks another toddler, all while the daycare worker is within view. She appears to be busy on the phone and not paying attention to what this little boy is doing to her other children in her care. The two children were later revealed to be siblings.

What a nightmare for parents! What would you do in this situation? I know what i would do and it would not be good for the child who was beating up the little ones. The father of the infant and toddler came to the daycare, very angry, and struck a child whom he thought had harmed his children. He hit the wrong child and faced a judge. The child, Mr. Williams hit, was only 6.

From the video you can clearly see this kid has a huge anger problem and looks as though he enjoys making these babies cry. I have to wonder where he learned this behavior from and while it really makes me mad, I still feel bad for the little boy. What kind of life does he have where he see’s violence against innocent babies as okay?

The daycare cam caught the whole event at Kiddie City Child Care Center in Vicksburg, Mississippi, and shows the 9 year old repeated hitting the baby boy and then patting him on the back as if trying to comfort the crying baby. When the adult worker came in to the room to see what was happening, the child would stop harming the other children but at least in one point of the video, the worker is seen in the same room with her back turned to the abusive child.

He repeatedly harmed the other little girl by kicking her to the floor while the worker is within view, but she was clearly not paying attention to what was happening a few feet away from her. The bully picks up the little girl and then kicks her in the chest, happily knocking her to the ground.

The 9 year old boy appeared before a judge in youth court with his mother, but because he is under the age of 12, he did not face any criminal charges, and the police said any punishment will be aimed at correcting the behavior and not punishing the boy.

The day care worker, Sandra Trevillon, was charged by the Vicksburg police,with two counts of contributing to the neglect of a minor. The worker was fired from the center, was out on bail bond and appeared in court

Sandra Trevillion and Jamie Williams were each fined in court, September 28, 2012.

The former day care worker, Sandra Trevillion was found guilty on two counts on contributing to the neglect of the child. Ms. Trevilion was charged with a third count, but a judge decided to wait to see if any other evidence would come forward. Sandra was fined over $2,200 dollars.

Mr. Jamie Williams was found guilty of simple assault after he slapped a child, whom he thought bullied his children, but it turned out to be the wrong child. A judge fined Williams $157.

According to parents and workers who spoke to a media outlet, the boy has a history of fighting with others and that this wasn’t the first time he harmed other children.

An anonymous source at the daycare, said the children were supposed to be separated into rooms according to age during the day, but that the bully took time to attack the smaller children while they were waiting for pick up by their parent’s and guardians.

Jamie Williams, the father of his then one year old daughter, noticed she had bite marks on her neck and cheek, which were still bleeding,and his 11 month old son had bruises on his head.

“They were just crying. They can’t talk, so I can’t get it from them. They couldn’t tell me (what had happened). They was just crying,” Williams said.

When Mr. Williams went to the Kiddie City Child Care Center to find out what had happened to his children, he was told by the staff that they had no idea.

Jamie, who was very angry, went inside the day care and mistakenly slapped the wrong little boy which he thought was responsible for his small children’s injuries.

“I wasn’t going up there to do that,” Williams said. “I shouldn’t be hitting no child regardless, but you know, since I did do it, I wish it would’ve been the right one at least.”

The father of the two injured children, Jamie Williams, also faced a misdemeanor simple assault charge and went to court a second time.

If this doesn’t make you angry then I have to wonder if you own a heart. Whether or not you have children, these children were innocent and deserved better care than what they got.

I guess the lesson to be learned here is to pay attention what your kids say and how they act when they are taken to daycare or school. Watch for signs of abuse.

Thanks for reading my blog and shout out to Will for posting the link to the video.


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