Aboriginal Day 2014: Meet me!


Aboriginal Day 2014:  Meet me!

I am going to be attending three Aboriginal Day events in the lower mainland of Vancouver, British Columbia on June 21 2014. Plan to record the events and speak to as many First Nations people as possible. I would love to meet you there too. I want to know about you and your own experience being a First Nation’s person and what you think needs to change in our communities. Please share this if you are First Nation’s and want to meet me personally. According to last year’s rants by the racist one we all know and feel sorry for, she was planning to be in attendance at the Richmond one and I will be interested to see if she actually does show up. Together we make change, alone we are only part of the problem. Thanks everyone.

•NATIONAL ABORIGINAL DAY (VANCOUVER SCHOOL BOARD) | June 21th | 9:00am – 5:00pm | Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre, 1607 Hastings Street (map) / Parade (route) / Trout Lake, 3350 Victoria Avenue (map) | Free | Participate in opening prayers with performers and pancakes, see the parade and join in at the Trout Lake festivities which include canoeing, arts and crafts, food and an Elders tent.
•NATIONAL ABORIGINAL DAY AT RICHMOND | June 19th | 12:00pm – 4:00pm | Minoru Cultural Centre, 7700 Minoru Boulevard, Richmond (map) | Free | Celebrate Aboriginal culture through food, friends and community. See films, educational activities, attend workshops and meet new friends!
•ABORIGINAL DAY AT FORT LANGLEY NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE | June 19th – 21st | 10:00am – 5:00pm | Fort Langley National Historic Site, 23433 Mavis Avenue, Fort Langley (map) | Free – $7.50 | Celebrate the key role that First Nations communities played in the history of Fort Langley. Share in the rich culture, history and traditions.

Hope to meet you there.  I will be blogging for a Pow Wow blog site as well and hope to present some very interesting stories.  I would also like to speak to those who are survivors of Residential Schools as well.
Source: National Aboriginal Day, June 21, 2010: British Columbia http://www.venturevancouver.com/blog/national-aboriginal-day-2010-british-columbia#ixzz2xwIA4UzV

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