Anger and the Bi-Polar Patient

All the faces of Bi-Polar Depression

All the faces of Bi-Polar Depression

Anger and the Bi-Polar Patient

That is one scary combination. No one is quite sure whether the anger issue happened before being diagnosed with bi-polar. One thing that keeps showing up is that the anger happens frequently and can be hidden until the person finally has an angry outburst at a seemingly non-serious issue.

Some people complain that everything sets them off including the sound of their partner or children’s voice. They tend to blame the victim of their outbursts as the reason they have the outburst in the first place but it’s never the victim’s fault. It’s the fault of the person who is bi-polar and angry. It’s their anger, not yours.

I’ve had people in extended family given the diagnosis of being bi-polar who are prone to very angry outbursts when they are on a low or a high. The empty look in a bi-polar person when they go off, like that of an adult throwing a two year old temper tantrum. Nothing you can do or say will make them see that their anger is not justified and it’s their brain that is sending the wrong messages.

Years ago I moved into an apartment in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada which was said to be haunted. The apartment building had been the old hospital so it definitely had a lot of stories to it, which I will share in another post. The first night I moved in, the next door neighbors had a huge argument. The woman ran out of the apartment and the man followed. What I saw in his eyes scared me to death. The best way to describe his eyes is vacant. When he looked at me, I thought this must be what a demon looked like. He was jumping from floor to the 12 foot high ceiling like it was nothing. I’ve never seen anything like that and hope to never see that again. He was tackled by about 10 guys and then carted away by the police for domestic violence. When I spoke to the woman later she said they were roommates and that’s all. He had been acting strange for awhile, including entering her bedroom when she was with her boyfriend. She said other times he was completely fine and they had a great friendship. He was on medication for bi-polar depression and was fine when he took it regularly. The outburst was the first and only time she saw her friend have a rage.

Another young man became extremely paranoid and attacked a young girl, throwing her down a flight of stairs which she survived. She maintains that her attacker also had a vacant look in his rage filled face. Like the first example they were roommates only. She was dating his brother at the time. The police were called and when they picked him up, he had the rage filled look on his face and vacant eyes. When he is on his medications, he too, was fine

The internet is the new rage…literally

The internet has given people an opportunity to be a part of some great things and cause change in our world. Others have started to stick to the net and use it as they would real life. They believe what they see and hear without questioning anything. Some people will mental health issues like Asperger’s Autism and bi-polar depression now use the net to attack what they fear and what they perceive to be real, though many times it is not how they perceive it. Social media is a favorite place for people with the above mentioned mental health illness’ to vent their anger. They do not have to know their victim to target them. Their targeting begins usually with a benign comment on a public post on a public page but the mentally ill person will take a huge offense and deem it to be directed at them somehow, even though they live in another country and the victim had no prior knowledge of this person.

Why don’t people with anger and bi-polar take their medication if it helps?

No simple answer. Some people choose not to take it because their depression tells them not to. They may have some other mental health issue as well. Some people choose not to take their medications because they don’t like how they feel on them. I’ve heard that again and again from people who live with being bi-polar. Some people will take the medication because they do feel better and can function. It’s a choice really. The problem is that if some don’t take their medication and get counseling, they may do something violent, they will regret for the rest of their lives. Murders have been committed by those who are in a rage.

Is the bi-polar person with rage issue a bad person? Should I keep my family away?

No the person who lives with being bi-polar and having rage issues is not a bad person. It’s not their fault their brain is misfiring. They have no control over that anymore than a person who is born physically disabled has. No person would ever choose to have a mental or physical health issue.

No don’t keep your family away unless the person is not medicating and getting counseling. If the person shows any sign of aggression you may want to avoid that person until they are getting well. Under no circumstances should children ever be forced to live with a person who is raging and bi-polar. Children go where their parents go so if a parent stays in a home with an abusive partner, they are forcing their children to live the life they choose and not the one the children would choose.

My final thoughts

We are not in control of some things in our lives like whether we have an ability or a disability. No one should blame the person who is living with a mental or physical health issue. Ask a person who has either if they would choose a healthy body and mind and they would say, “Of course”. To deal with a rage filled person suffering from bi-polar depression or any other mental health issue, step away. Don’t respond on or offline. Instead send them all the positive vibes you can give them. It’s not their fault their brain is misfiring but it is our fault if we blame them for something they cannot control. Be kind.

Thanks for reading my blog and have a truly fantabulous day. Remember one random act of kindness per week. You never know what that one random act of kindness will mean for someone.

2 comments on “Anger and the Bi-Polar Patient”

  1. merle48 Reply

    People who have been diagnosed with bipolar illness are many times reluctant to take their meds because of the unpleasant side effects. Who can blame them? But many times they must struggle through trial and error to find the right medication to take. There really are a lot of people who stir trouble online and I ‘m sure that sometimes it’s related to their mental health. They really do need understanding, but we also don’t have to accept their poor behavior no matter what. Best to ignore them when online. In real life it could be more difficult to do, especially with family (I know). Thanks for informative posts like this.

    • BeWytched Reply

      Thanks for your comment. I agree that it’s not always mental health that causes bad behavior and ignoring them online is the right thing to do. Offline is another thing. Can’t just unplug from reality to stop a stalker. Have a great day and sorry for late reply.

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