Anonymous: This Milleniums Real Life Superhero’s

Stand united.

Stand united.

“We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us”

This “hacktivist” group has been around since around 2003 and began on an image board on 4chan. They stretched out to the entertainment world in 2008 and in particular the anti-digital pirating campaigns by motion picture and recording industry. Anonymous has been credited by many who see them as hero’s while others see them as cyber-bullies.

While it is true the Anonymous, who wear a Guy Fawkes (info here) mask or have a headless graphic as their logo, have attacked some large business’, it is also true that they are doing good for the common net user like you and I. There is no set group of people who belong to this group but rather it is many who are faceless and nameless. What they are able to do on the net is far more than any legal authority has been able to and for this reason, I see them, for the most part, as modern day super hero’s.

In October 2012 a young 15 girl named Amanda Todd, from Coquitlam, British Columbia Canada, where I live, committed suicide after years of online and offline torment by bullies and what I deem as creepers. When Amanda was just 12 years old she frequented, what should have been safe chatrooms for kids and teens. What she found while there changed her life forever. Amanda met many people in the chat rooms whom she believed were who they said they were. She was just going through changes as any young girl does and made the mistake of trusting one person online and flashing her chest while on cam. What Amanda did not know, and most do not, is that the cam image was captured or screen capped or capped with the click of a button. When Amanda flashed her chest, the pervert snapped the shot and changed her life forever.

Amanda was hunted like an animal for the last three years all over the web and even off line. The pervert would get her friends to add him to their friend list on social media sites like Facebook, and then he created a page showing her topless shot. Amanda had to keep changing schools because she was embarrassed by what her new friends has seen. She changed schools many times in the last few years while this pervert did this over and over again. The person believed to have been the stalker/hebephile is Dakota Maxson or Kody as he was known. Amanda took her life on October 10, 2012 just weeks* after leaving the youth psychiatric program in hospital.

So this is where the Anonymous become super hero’s not only to me but many others. The Anon took up the cause to find Amanda’s stalker online and tracked it down to Kody. They were able to get actual screen shots of chats which not only Kody had but also another person named Viper2323 who is a known hebephile/pedophile. In conversations they openly discussed Amanda and trading media they had of her. It is important to note that they not only spoke about Amanda but other young girls who had also been their victims. The Anonymous broke the story on Youtube that they knew who was stalking Amanda. They released a link to a site which included a ton of info about Kody including a court date which he was scheduled for, for sexual interference with a minor (unrelated to Amanda).

Since the day Amanda died these Anonymous individuals have worked hard to get rid of hate pages dedicated to Amanda and more importantly, they have stood up for young people and their safety all over the net. One such story was a young girl on Twitter who was being bullied and the tormentors had even told the girl to commit suicide like Amanda did. The Anonymous got wind of that and instantly took on the bullies on Twitter. When they were done, the tormentors apologized for their behaviour and promised to never do this again. Turned out they were kids who attended the same school as the girl they were bullying.

I have asked the Anonymous for help in getting rid of the unsafe teen/kids chats which are out there and they have started attacking the pedo’s who frequent the sites. To show them just how bad it really was, I went in the chat one night as a 13 year old girl and I was immediately contacted by one pedo who wanted to buy pictures or video of me which were sexually explicit. When I pressed him for how much he would pay, he said he would pay $400 for the video if he liked it. I made Youtube video’s and posted them to show just how bad this site was. The Anonymous are targeting that site now which is awesome in my opinion.

The Anon are also attacking any child porn sites online now and I have seen one fall after another. This is not something the law enforcement agencies could do although they want to.

They have no names or faces yet they are changing the world for the better. For me they are a much stronger super hero than any other. They are changing the world and doing things to help make the net a safer place for our kids. They may not have capes or be able to leap over tall buildings but the Anonymous are doing much more than even Superman could have done. I say Kudos to the Anon for everything they are doing to make it safer for our kids. You really are my super hero’s and I am glad you are here. xxx

*Corrected via info from Carol Todd, Amanda’s mom. Thanks Carol.

2 comments on “Anonymous: This Milleniums Real Life Superhero’s”

  1. Andrew Schumann Reply

    I am very pleased to see others doing so much. It is so nice to see how much heart the world has for these victims like Amanda. <3

    What about you Kody? Viper? Perso? Who shed a tear for Amanda? Who laughed? Who kept calling her cruel names? Who has decided to end their evil ways?

    Its not the lust or love of these girls and young women but hate crimes intended to harm and murder. This has nothing to do with love or passion but hate, power and murder.

    Too bad the few very bad deceivers/ seducers/blackmailers/ sextortioners and stalkers have to make what should be an innocent and safe playground for children and young teens into a very dangerous even deadly hunting ground.

    As much as anonymity might help some be more themselves and give them some degree of privacy there needs to be some positive ID to ensure that those in the children's rooms are either children of the appropriate age for that room or a monitor who is positively identified and checked for previous convictions.

    Children should be encouraged to use nicknames In rooms but for their safety positive ID should be used administratively for both the children and the room monitors. Unfortunately the safety might cost some money but I think the mental and phisical well being of a child is worth it.

    • BeWytched Reply

      Thank you very much Andrew. I believe that change begins with us and if we do nothing, we are just as guilty. I appreciate your words and agree there needs to be more safety for the youth using the sites. This is the first generation being brought up on the internet and parent’s have to keep up in order to keep their kids safe. Have a great day Andrew!

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