Abused babies don’t deserve to be abused


It shouldn’t hurt to be a child. Act don’t stop to consider the feelings of the adults. Kids do not have a choice and you can be their super hero.

Abused babies don’t deserve to be abused

Abused babies are not at fault for being abused. If you can say a baby is at fault then say that child predators are the victims and abused children are somehow the abusers, you are sick and a supporter of child predators. No other way to say it. No mentally well person would ever condemn a child for speaking out about such an atrocious, life altering behavior. No child should ever keep secrets adult women/men tell them to. Every child should be safe to talk about the bad things as well as the good. 

Child abusers will go any distance to harm any child anywhere

How anyone can say someone who harms a child is a victim is beyond me. It happens though more than you think. I can’t help but wonder if they are abusers of their own children or children they will come into contact with which is why they support pedophiles. One thing is certain, if you claim child abuse victims should shut up and just suck it up, you are probably a child predator yourself.

If you associate with pedophiles and support their harm of children, then you are sick and should never be allowed any child. 

A tide has come in showing that adult women blame babies for their abuse. Adult mothers and grandmothers say that it’s okay to abuse children and that it’s wrong for a child to speak out about the bad things going on. These women will ignore the signs of abuse or worse yet will abuse the child who speaks out because they know the child is more vulnerable. Some of these women will blame the child for telling on the adult who was harming them and will openly support pedophiles both online and offline.

Yes women are pedophiles too and those who openly associate with pedophiles while condemning their victims are pedophiles and child abusers of the worst kind. Simple.

Sexual predators are generally narcissistic by nature.

Their egotistical attitudes tend to make it hard for them to hide their predatory ways. These are some of the warning signs that a person is quite possibly a predator:

  • Sense of entitlement
  • Need for control and power
  • Unable to build intimate relationships with other adults
  • Troubled childhood, often including sexual abuse
  • Blames circumstances and others for failures
  • Very low self-esteem
  • Lack of compassion and empathy for others
  • Deviant sexual attitudes as well as behavior
  • Refusal to take responsibility for own personal actions

Source: http://nobullying.com/child-predators-alert-warning-signs-and-tips/

Women who tell someone who is a survivor of child abuse are predators by these standards. They try and try to revictimize the victim but when their attempts don’t work, they stomp their feet like a two year old and throw a temper tantrum which is pretty much males behavior when they don’t’ get to victimize someone. It’s very scary to know that women who are mothers and grandmothers not only are okay with  a child being abused but will help if they can.

Racists think children not of their race are okay to abuse and should be okay with it

It appears that if your skin color is darker, than it’s okay to harm children like in the residential school, at least according to racists. They tend to concentrate on abuse in one race and not in their own, yet most mass killings, for instance in North America, are not done by those of darker skin but Caucasian. Abuse happens in all cultures and is not dedicated to one alone.

Racists say things like be thankful that someone spent money on you and took you in. They will tell the child to shut up and be thankful for being sexually abused by their caretakers. One of the worst atrocities in Canada has been the Residential Schools where thousands of children were abused all in the name of a God because the church thought their culture was savage like. Children were forced to stop speaking their languages and beaten if they were caught speaking it. Children were forcibly confined to the most horrific small rooms hidden from prying eyes only to be sexually abused and beaten over and over again. Racists say that kids should suck it up and that if it does happen to a child, they did something to deserve it. Screams pedophile doesn’t it?

What does this tell me? Child predator supporters are sick.

What this shows me is that those who are sick enough to hate someone based on race, gender, ability/disability, religion and or sexual preference are mentally ill and those who are the worst have no problems crossing from hating based on race to hate based on gender to hate based on religion to hate based on ability/disability to hate based on sexual preference.
The sickest people will attack the most vulnerable and that is the children who are in the place they are due to no choice of their own. The sickest people call babies terrorists and victims of child rape, liars and abusers.

Women who support child predators and condemn child victims are the worst 

It really scares me to think about women who support pedophiles and condemn their child victims. I have to instantly wonder if they are child predators too. The only people who support a pedophile and condemn a child for the worst abuses suffered, must be pedophiles too. No other answer.

Muslim children deserve safety from adult racists and abuse

Children who survived the war in Syria are not at fault and no adult should ever condemn their wanting to live in a safe place where they have toys, clothing, a roof over their head and a school to go to without fear. Racists feel that babies do not deserve the same safety that our own children deserve. It shouldn’t matter what race, religion, gender, sexuality, ability or disability a child has, they all should have a safe place to lay their head down.

It doesn’t matter where a child comes from, all children deserve to be safe.

ALL children deserve to be safe, all over the world and no adult has a right to cause them further harm. Children who are lucky enough to survive and become true survivors will never feel shame because they realize that what happened wasn’t their fault.


The words almost every child abuse victim hears.

Never let an adult tell you to shut up

Never stop talking about what you care about and remember to never hurt another to make yourself feel better. You are human just like I am and to make our world work, we need to work together and stop sick people from playing the “blame game” which only applies to everyone but them.
Victims of child abuse have the right to speak up just as much as anyone. It’s the adults who tell them to shut up so they can continue abusing children, who are sick and need to remove themselves from all children before they harm another one.
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