Carol Todd: A mother working through grief

You know it dawns on me that what Philip aka perso365 is doing right now is not all that bad. I mean he is giving some great free advertising to a number of groups, pages and charities. He is talking about all the great work Carol has been doing bravely since the death of her daughter. In fact he even takes the time to post the links to the great stories about this awesome woman. Maybe I should thank perso rather than admonish the pedophile he is. Well sort of. lol

His latest rant goes on once more about…duh duh duhhhhh …. Carol todd! Yes no surprise is there? I wonder if he is somehow hoping to entice Carol with all his obsessive compulsiveness. He must love her if you think about it because he follows her around all over the net like a lost little puppy dog except he’s more like those real ugly puppies that only a mother could love. So I am going to break down only the parts which I find are funny and where he shows his multiple personalities and where he says he has “proof” or “fact” of things. Other than that I will ensure the great links he has posted to those here who would like to support this very brave, strong woman.

Excerpt from: Thoughts-day
Posted on July 11, 2013

“Well, it’s another fine day for writing about Carol Todd. She’s kind of like the gift that keeps on giving.”

Yes she is. This woman has worked tirelessly since the death of her daughter, Amanda Todd, to help prevent similar issues from happening to other people’s children. This is her way of working through her own grief and is perfectly acceptable and highly commendable.

Great article written by the organization who Carol has since started to work with in the USA. Carol spreads the word around the world which is great.

The Social Network Association:

Great story talking about Carol’s hard work. Thank you Carol for doing this. I really appreciate all the work you are doing for others.

“What a fantastic example of online flim flam.”

Why yes Philip you are! Ding ding you got one right!

Where do I begin?

“The advertising banner at the top? Very similar to the book pushed on the Social Networks Association site”

Is that odd? Sites have advertising on them including this one. The advertisements help the webmasters to pay for their sites.

‘Carol Todd is a teacher who works with special needs children and now one of the world’s most innovative leaders of the fight for online safety for children.’

See what a selfless person Carol is? Thanks for pointing this out Philip.

‘Carol runs The Amanda Todd Legacy’

What a great organization! Check out what they stand for and no there is no secret the Todd family administers this site as they state that clearly on the front page.

“Look here for opportunities to donate and ways to buy “Amanda Todd – Stay Strong” Snowflake Wristbands. This space will also serve as a bulletin board for all special events and initiatives to support anti-bullying education, help young people struggling with mental health issues and support educational programs that help people with learning disabilities.”

There is a rule in life, nothing is free and everything has a price attached to it, including volunteer work which this organization does. It is not uncommon for board members on the bigger charities to make a salary if they are actually working for the causes. Take for instance AIDS Vancouver who had a huge number of unpaid volunteers but who also hired administrators to handle the business end of things. The are doing a job they would be paid to do elsewhere so it only figures that the board would be paid on any other charity similiar. If you want to donate go to the site and get info. Thanks for your support. x

Amanda Todd Legacy Fund

‘….named after her late daughter, Amanda, who died after being a victim of sexual cyber bullying, cyber crime, and sexual crime advertising.’

Kudo’s again to the writer for acknowledging what Carol is doing. Amanda’s death was not in vain and we are now talking about the dangers of the net and bullies in particular. Great job Social Network!

‘Carol formed the Legacy in order to work on behalf of the movement to keep children safe wherever they are.’

“Well, very commendable…”

Wow we agree that Carol’s work is commendable! As for the babble about where the funds could go, he does realize that those sites apply to the UK area only right? I prefer to give my money to one situated in my country where this girl and her family came from. We have some other great organizations which help people here as well. Carol’s charity is a great one and I can see the funds going back into our own country. Kudo’s Carol!

Important to note that while Philip tries to portray these comments as her own description, these words are that of another person and independent of her or the Legacy Fund.

‘Running a non-profit organization on behalf of child advocacy has led Carol to interviews about cyber bullying from leading media professionals around the globe.’

Training is an ongoing thing and after you train, you may speak about what it is you learned. In this case, Carol has learned about issues with bullying and other issues facing youth, like her deceased daughter, Amanda. To do a job you must know what you are doing and in this case because she is seen as a public speaker, she must know the subject about which she speaks. Great that she speaks to those who can help get her message out.

“She’s virtually unheard of outside of America.”

Well actually, Philip, that is untrue since you pretend to be from the UK and you are compulsively obsessed with both Carol and her daughter. Thanks to Carol her message is reaching around the globe. In fact, I have friends in Denmark, the Philippines and other countries overseas who support the anti-bullying cause Carol has started here in Canada.

‘Carol has also formed strong strategic alliances with world leaders and organizations such as Red Hood Project and The Social Network Association where she is on the Board of Advisors.’

“The Red Hood Project is not bad…”

Again we agree! It’s actually another great organization. Here is the link for it and again thanks for pointing this out Philip.

The Red Hood Project

Regarding the lies which perso claims about what was or was not on that page, I have seen the original when it was first published and it has not been changed although perso365 would like you to believe it was.

“Well, she has come on a lot from being a teacher, hasn’t she?”

Wow he is on a roll for compliments today. Although being a teacher is very important, what Carol is doing now is not teaching one small group of people in a classroom but an entire world of parents and youth about what is out there and how to protect yourself. So yes she has come a long way from being a teacher and I am glad she is doing that.

‘Do research in order to be confident in what you promote.’

Which is where the ongoing training and travelling comes into play. To educate others, you must first educate yourself.

‘Research alone is not enough. You must add front line experience.’

“Carol Todd was the equivalent of the local Fagin for the wayward girls in her locality.”

My mother’s home was the same way. Kids came over to visit and some to stay while they got things sorted at home. I am thankful that Carol gave Amanda’s friends a safe haven. Nice compliment Philip.

‘Put yourself in the shoes of those people you are trying to reach.’

Who can understand the loss of a child more than the mother who has lost a child. No pain is exactly the same. No grief is the same. Both are very personal. Showing empathy for others is a very wonderful thing. Our world needs more people like Carol Todd.

‘Value the perspectives you gain from others’ points of view.’

Listening is part of speaking. We need to listen to be able to say the words people want and need to hear. Without listening we are left to assume like Philip does.

‘Show emotions in public as a strategy to catalyze a cause you believe in.’

The writer speaks about this very well. In order for us to connect with those listening to us, we must show that this cause is something which we feel strongly about. Parents who have lost a child do not want to listen to someone who does not appear to care about their child and others.

‘Be genuine always.’

Carol shows her human side and is not afraid of telling others she is Amanda’s mom now and forever. Because Carol is a genuine person, people will be able to better connect with her and together they can bring about positive change.

‘Realize grief over loss can appear is 6 months or 30 years, it is unpredictable.’

Very true. I worked with person’s with HIV and AIDS and their families. One of the things we learned about was the grief process and how people go through it. I learned that no two people will grieve in the same way and that there is no right way or wrong way to grieve. In one case, a person wrote a very nasty obituary for her deceased father in a public paper. The act was how she was grieving even though it may not be the way you or I do it. I went on to work with both clients and families who were going through the grieving process and did not find two people who grieved in the same way. My uncle grieved for the loss of his son Kevin who died at age 5 for over 30 years until he took his own life.

‘Seek medical, educational, and therapeutic support for children in need.’

Children are priority in our world so that is very good information. Today there are a ton of children in North America alone who do not get those things. It’s nice to know there is another great organization helping our children. Our children are our tomorrow so we better look after them today.

‘Early intervention is always best.’

Very true. I believe since Amanda’s death that the world and especially parents are opening their eyes up to what they never saw before and that is a good thing. Because Carol has been so vocal since Amanda’s death, the world is changing.

‘Carol has radar and knows many children have impaired radar and don’t sense danger. All adults need to understand this.’

Carol has learned the warning signs and is warning others about it. Our kids today think they are unstoppable but in fact they are the first generation being brought up in the internet age and as such new parenting skills have to come into play. I personally have spoken to many youth who believe what happened to Amanda would never happen to them but then they come back and have stories of being targeted by online predators on sites like Facebook and youth chat rooms. Teaching parents about the dangers their kids come into contact with on a daily basis is the best way to prevent future tragedy.

‘In Carol’s opinion, women selling to women is harder than women selling to men.’

In this case the writer means that a woman talking to a woman about parenting for instance is harder than talking to a father. Father’s may be a little more acceptable to gaining new info where as a lot of mothers may stand their ground and claim to be the best parents and do not need any help. In the case of public speakers, there are a majority of male speakers as opposed to female. Men and women have to accept that the world has changed and their parenting needs to as well.

In my own opinion, I see what Carol and others like her are doing, as very brave. Some people may curl up into a ball when they lose someone like Amanda but then there are those who choose to change things and prevent similar tragedy from affecting other families. I commend Carol for doing what she does. I have so many thank you notes from people around the globe who spoke out because you did. So thank you very much for everything you do and thank you for being the change you want to see in the world. It all starts with you and I.

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