Celebrating 50 years of Life

Image: vansdolltreasures.blogspot.com

Image: vansdolltreasures.blogspot.com

Celebrating 50 years of Life

There is something to be said when something reaches the magical number of a half century. The item becomes an “antique” and somehow becomes more valuable than it was before it was 50 years old and somehow requires much more close attention than it did before it became “old”.

Well not everything is the way it looks. Not everything that is 50 years old is an antique and in most cases it’s more unique than old. Things at 50 are not looked at as old if the item looks newer.  Now we see 50 in a whole new way.

I remember when I was a kid and I knew someone who was turning 30 and thought, “OMG how did they get so old?”. When I got to be in my early 20’s I knew people who were turning 40 and watched as famous people like Oprah Winfrey spoke about how difficult it was to turn 40. I dreaded turning 30 and more so turning 40.

It’s funny how a little thing like a life threatening illness makes you realize in your mid 30’s that life is not a number it’s meant to be lived like it’s forever.  It took having a couple of heart attacks and later having a couple of strokes, to make me realize that. I used to fear my birthdays but now I’m just happy to make it to the next one.

Now I am a half century old. Half a dollar. I feel like I have half a mind some days but I love living & especially that little thing called breathing. I am learning that it’s time to not sweat the small stuff I did back when I was half this age because life is short.

I plan on living every minute like it’s my last. This birthday is majorly special because I was given a 30% chance to see it 8 years ago. Here I am! Ta da!  I made it. Apparently not even a rare illness can keep me down. Sure I’m disabled and live with severe pain daily but I’m alive and that’s all that really matters.

So happy birthday to me and my gift to myself is to be more loving, accepting and forgiving. I hope your birthday will be a great day too and that you will remember how special you really are.

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