Child-like Sex Dolls Removed from DHGate

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Just when you think the world cannot get any stranger, the sicko’s of the world unite and just like that there are new places to reach out and harm children. I came across this information from a great group on Facebook/Twitter who work to help remove anything which would harm our children online and off, in particular child predators. was allowing a sale from a member calling themselves “allanchow89” in the form of what it openly claimed were in fact, child like sex dolls. The member sold items on that site for two years before this information came to light in the public and caused an immediate backlash. During the time before he was caught, this member had 242 transactions. According to the site he had 89 items in stock when his account was banned. The item in question and most alarming is the child like sex dolls as shown in actual copied images of the product which was for sale and since has been removed as has the seller.

There is no mistaking the fact that this is a child doll as noted by the items used to decorate the set.



These dolls sold wholesale were $178 US.

Now just because these dolls were removed from one site, doesn’t mean they have been removed by others.

New Jersey-based anti-human trafficking advocacy group Dining for Dignity launched a social media campaign against the product on Friday, November 15 2013 which is why the product was removed from this site in the first place. Kelly Master, founder of Dining for Dignity, sent an email to DHGate in an attempt to remove the paedophile friendly doll but had no luck. She received a message from DHGate saying it “is against the selling of products that promote pedophilia” but nothing was done until the word spread through social media and the general public stepped in to say this was wrong. On Sunday she received another message saying “Product listings for ‘child-like sex dolls’ have been removed.”


Is this the only place pedophiles could go to buy this or something similar? Unfortunately no. As long as there are those who would purchase a product or service, the product or service will continue to be offered. I say hat’s off to all those who are trying to make the world a little safer place. Please support those who do the work that we may not be able to do.

Keep our children safe.

The words almost every child abuse victim hears.

The words almost every child abuse victim hears.

Thanks to our friends: Operation Scarecrow for sharing this story

4 comments on “Child-like Sex Dolls Removed from DHGate”

    • BeWytched Reply

      Thanks for what you did. You are amazing Kelly. It was a pleasure to do the blog and you clearly deserve the credit for starting a fire to get those things removed. It’s not easy to stand up for what you believe in and fight for children all over the world but someone has to do it and I am glad you are one of those people Kelly. It’s an honor to have you visit my blog. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

      • kellyamaster Reply
        • BeWytched Reply

          Hi Kelly. I have to say I agree with you. You say how I feel. lol I love the video too. You remind me of how frustrated I am about this too. Last week on Facebook I busted a convicted child predator. This person was on there using a play on his name and once I saw his sick comments on photo’s and the images of him with a little boy and girl, I knew I had to act because I had that icky feeling in my tummy telling me something is not right. I googled his image and found his criminal record along with his full legal name. He was using his middle name as first name and changed a couple of letters on his last name. I reported to his law enforcement in the state he lives in and so far his account is still up and he has not commented further on other 8 year old girls images. I think Facebook needs to do something too. Just type in the word Incest in the graph and see what comes up. Type in schoolgirls or similar and you get the feeling that FAcebook is not as sunny as it seems to be. Thank you so much for commenting and your video. I will be sharing that video. I have several YouTube channels this will be a good fit for. Have a great day Kelly. BTW do I know you from Facebook or?

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