Dangers of Webcam and text chat rooms for adults and teens

Update: I have found a page some may be interested in who Amanda’s online blackmailer/stalker was but please keep in mind this story discusses what really goes on in the world of chat sites like blogtv.com, stickam.com, chatroulette.com etc and discusses how the pedophile found and persuaded Amanda to show her breasts.

As a parent, I would suggest you read this and then decide whether you want to talk to your teen or preteen about these seemingly safe teen chat rooms and tell them the dangers. You may have great kids but sometimes great kids can do things that we as adults would know better than to do. It took one flash on a webcam to change Amanda’s life forever. Education is better than ignorance.

For the teens who are using these chat rooms:

We cannot stop progress and the internet for the good, bad and ugly is here whether or not we wish it were. There are things that go on, on the net that will make you feel uncomfortable and if there is something like that, speak to your parents or someone you trust. If you are in immediate danger, call 911 or whatever your emergency line is in your country, and give as much info as you can.

When you go in a chat room there are many options such as text chatting, private chatting and web cam chatting. Here are a few safety rules for you and your friends. No these are not like “Do what I say” but are more for your protection. I have owned a chat room for 5 years and there are things you do need to know to stay safe.

NEVER give out any personal information in a chat room.

ALWAYS make sure that if someone demands you turn on your web am that you demand they do the same. Too many predators say they are teens and may say they are female when they are not.

If a person, who says they are a girl, is asking you things like what size is your bra then ask them “What size is your pantyhose? Most guys will never know the answer. Most guys know what bra size you wear though.

If someone gets pervy with you or has a sexual sounding name like big10inch or something similar, then boot them from your room if you are on sites like stickam.com because they are usually an old dude looking for a win on cam.

If someone is making you feel uncomfortable and you have a moderator in the room, let them know so they can deal with them. Then block them from viewing your cam or talking to you.

If someone is sending you private messages and you do not want them to, tell them to stop. If they continue then contact a moderator for help. Block them immediately and maybe change your chat setting to not accept private messages.

If you have the option to decide who views your cam or not, set it to where you have to allow people to view. Again if they want to see your cam but they won’t turn one on, they may not be good people. Watch out for people claiming to be teens and their web cam is busted. If that is true, why are they always on that web cam site? If you think about it, most technology today has a cam somewhere so if they give you that lame excuse, then don’t allow them to view your am.

Above all, if anything makes you feel uncomfortable or scared, talk to your parents or someone you can trust. You are not at fault. The adult is.

****All of the above also applies to any adults who use web cam/text chats****

About my own web cam chat rooms:

I provide a free, safe web cam chat room on my BeWytch Me Radio site and it is well moderated. I only allow those who are 13+ there and my users have an option to have to allow or deny someone to view their web cam. The users also have a choice whether or not they will accept private messages from other users including private cam requests. Users have the option of saving their entire chat log, including their private messages, so if someone is harassing them, we can see and ban immediately by IP address. Users on my site an send their pictures to the room to share but no adult content is allowed. Users can play games and a ton more. That is the way a site should be run…with the user being the one who is safe and sound and no pervs allowed. People visit my chat rooms from around the world and all have respect for men or ladies. I would not tolerate anything less. I believe as a chat site owner, it is my responsibility to keep my users safe and that is just what I do. Well that and I am there every day as well.

Stay safe everyone. Keep in mind there are more wolves in sheep’s clothing than you may know.

This news story contains mature content and discusses the world of internet pedophiles known as “Cappers”. ¬†Reader/Viewer discretion advised. ¬†http://hypervocal.com/news/2012/amanda-todd-kody-maxson-daily-capper/


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