Demand Facebook add a Report Child Abuse Button: #OpScareCrow


We all know there are good people and bad people who use the net but did you know that FB is filled with a ton of pedophiles and other philes, sex offenders, child pornography pages and they get their content from your own profile. That image you uploaded with your six year old doing gymnastics may have ended up on one of these pages to be used for some very bad stuff. Facebook does not take down child porn pages if ever. Some pages are reported thousands of times and yet they are still allowed to stand.

Our young teens profile images are being stolen from their own pages to be posted not only on the child porn pages throughout Facebook but on many other sites which also brag about stealing the images from them and reposting.

My suggestion? Remove your real profile pic and replace with anything but you and slam the door on all your images by making them only available to friends or via password. So how can we make FB a safer place? We need to demand they make a dedicated report child abuse button. Please visit #OpScareCrow (, #OpPedoChat, #OpExposure, #OpInnocence for more info about where to sign the petition.

Advertisers on FB do you really want your product associated with a company who openly allows child porn next to your graphic? I don’t and I will not spend a dollar advertising on there until they remove all the child porn and add the report button.

The Anonymous are working hard to make it a safer place for our kids. Who are the Anonymous? You and I. Make a difference and force Facebook to add a report child abuse button. Thanks Jay xxx Add me on Facebook on my channel page and the info will be there. x

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