Dixie Chicks Shut up and sing



“Shut up and sing!” Real words spoken to a female singer of a well known band who simply exercised the same right as every other of her fellow Americans. American’s love to stand on their Amendment Rights high ground when it suits their purpose but at least in this case, stating your opinion, which many people also wanted to say but didn’t, caused major backlash to one all girl band in the USA a few years ago. My opinion, not that it really matters, is that the Amendment Rights apply to ALL people regardless of their career choice or their gender. I have to ask if this would have happened had this band been male? I think not. As much as we try to say that North America is above those other countries who don’t value women or their rights, I think this showed the world that the US is not above reproach or sexist behaviour.


What was the crime which caused the sudden and steep decline of this female band? The lead singer shared her opinion on what her President was doing at the time after being asked the question about what HER opinion was.


Natalie Maines stated what many people were thinking at the time but her crime was thinking the Amendment Rights protected her as well and that the civilized US would be okay with her saying what she felt. She was wrong according to all those Tea Party / Patriot enthusiasts who love to quote their rights but then recant on others ability to exercise the same right. According to the tea party / patriot she is up there with traitors to their country.


This was the first real big show of what a country of bullies can do to destroy someones life simply because of their own opinion. So that proves the US has not really come as far as they seem to think they have. We all know if a man said the same words, nothing would have happened.


For me I will continue to support the Dixie Chicks and especially Natalie because she showed bigger balls than most other people did at that time who thought the same thing but never had the courage to admit it. I saw them this past weekend and it was like they never left. We love our Dixie Chicks and guess waht USA? We don’t mind that a woman had courage to share what her opinion was. In fact, we admire here for it and hope other young girls will strive to speak their own minds about what they see is wrong in this world.

Remember if you are going to quote your right to free speech, not to be a hypocrite and get angry when someone else shares theirs.

My review of their first Caanadian show 2013:

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