Donald Trump’s Anti-Muslim Plans

Donald Trump

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Donald Trump’s Anti-Muslim Plans Would Send These Stars Packing – Or Make Them ‘Register’

Donald Trump, presidential candidate for the United States, has said if he is elected he would put “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” As you can imagine his words are causing an uproar around the globe, and although there has been fierce backlash from that comment and the one he continued with below, he refuses to apologize and continues to firmly stand his ground on his beliefs of Muslims.

“Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in Jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life,” Donald Trump said.

I think what scares me about the comment above is that he catagorizes EVERY Muslim believer as a terrorist. I’m not sure that is correct and in fact I know it’s incorrect.

If he follows through with his plans some of the stars, in our entertainment industry, who would be directly affected by anti-Muslim measures past and present:

Donald Trump denies Muslims

Malala Yousafzai
The 18-year-old Nobel Prize winner was herself a victim of the Taliban, who shot her when she was just 11.

Donald Trump denies Muslims

Image: Fameflynet

Zayn Malik
The former One Directioner told the U.K.’s Mirror, “I believe that your religion should be between you and whoever your belief is in. I don’t think you should stick it in peoples faces.”

Donald Trump denies Muslims

Yusuf Islam
The singer formerly known as Cat Stevens converted to Islam in 1977. In the early ’00s, he was placed on the do not fly list and detained following a flight from London to the U.S.

Donald Trump denies Muslims

Mohamed Hadid
Gigi and Bella’s father is a Palestinian and is Muslim.

Donald Trump denies Muslims

Lawyer Amal Alamuddin-Clooney represents Armenia at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France on January 28, 2015. Image: FameFlyNet

Amal Clooney
The Lebanese-British human rights lawyer’s mother Bariaa Alamuddin is a Sunni Muslim, while her father is Druze.

Donald Trump denies Muslims

Image: Dr. Oz Show

Dr. Oz
“I’ve struggled a lot with my Muslim identity,” the talk show host told PBS.

Donald Trump denies Muslims


Shaquille O’Neal
Although he doesn’t make a habit of discussing his religion publicly, Shaq has stated he plans to make the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca.

Donald Trump denies Muslims

Aasif Mandvi
The Daily Show correspondent can also be seen in his web series “Halal in the Family,” which addresses Muslim stereotypes.

Donald Trump denies Muslims

Muhammad Ali
Born Cassius Clay, the legendary boxer changed his name when he converted in the 1960s.

Donald Trump denies Muslims

Fareed Zakaria
The CNN host is an Indian-born Muslim.

Donald Trump denies Muslims

Lupe Fiasco
“My fellow Muslims, non-Muslims, Christians whomever, at the end of the day we’re human, we have faults, we make mistakes,” Fiasco said on the Yahoo Web series “World 3.0.”

And that is only a very small portion of people in all fields whose only crime will be their religion. Did I miss the memo when the governments guaranteed freedoms including practicing your religion without fear of repercussions if there is no harm being done? Honestly what right does Donald Trump or anyone have to say no to people simply based on a religion? For me personally, it’s just not right.

I’m a little nervous too

Very true but then I know that not every Muslim person will be a believer in Jihad in their home country. That would  be like something from a movie where suddenly the whole world was being controlled by one religion and it’s beliefs. To use my English friends word, it’s utter rubbish. Kind of reminds me of the chicken little who said the sky was falling and everyone believed it instead of seeing for themselves if it was true. Is our world that much of a sheeple situation now that we are ready to believe anyone’s words online as if they are words spoken by some ultimate being? Pure rubbish.

My fear isn’t the religion but the extremists which most Muslims agree is wrong and does not represent the true Qu’ran. I don’t think they will come from somewhere else though, I believe they will be homegrown. I don’t even think many will be who we would suspect. I think young caucasian and other cultures, besides middle eastern ones, will enact what they learned online by believing the extremists. That scares me. It’s already well documented that our kids from North America are following the extremists online using video games and other social media platforms.

Should we run and hide every time we see a Muslim person?

Absolutely not. How about you walk up and say hello? How about you open a door for a mother with small kids? How about you stop staring anti-Muslim graphics all over social media?

The craziness has to stop on all sides. You can’t believe people like Donald Trump either. His idea is not a solution it’s a cry to avoid the country if you are Muslim or Mexicano. He may have some ideas people will agree with but the other comments which seem to attack groups of people like Muslims or Mexicanos are 100% wrong because to say that ALL Muslims are extremists is paranoid at the very least. We need to pull together rather than apart to fix this.

My Final thoughts

While I believe we are all entitled to our opinion, when our opinion is forced upon an entire nation by a possible president, who reflects his opinion around the globe, it’s wrong. It’s time to stop and take a time out. It’s time to write what you want to say, stop, take a minute, go back and then decide if pressing enter is a great idea or a better idea is to just delete. It’s your choice. Remember what you say can affect many more than you may have intended and your words may cause more harm than good. Be careful what you say.

I think what Donald Trump means is that it’s not the harmless, peaceful Muslim he is worried about but the extremists. The problem is that you can’t really tell who is or who is not a harmless and who is an an extremist. His idea may be interpreted that since there is no way to ensure only the harmless Muslim gets in, he has to stop every Muslim until the crisis is over. I do get that but still it seems a little extreme to say.

Thanks for reading my blog. This ride with Donald Trump has been an interesting one. Have a great day.

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2 comments on “Donald Trump’s Anti-Muslim Plans”

  1. merle48 Reply

    Trump must learn the art of speaking. He probably doesn’t mean all Muslims, but it sounds pretty bad. Something should be done but more thought and fairness must be a part of it. Decent human beings don’t deserve this.

    • BeWytched Reply

      I agree with you merle48. I don’t think he’s a mean spirited person but things he says are definitely not helping his case or maybe they are because his numbers in the polls keep rising and rising. Thanks for the post and I agree decent humans don’t deserve that.

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