Done with Jarrod and his child sex abuse supporting wife

I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me

Important update: I am not suicidal. Angela I have the link you asked people to call the police as a prank to get me in trouble. You also threatened my safety. I have a copy but the link you posted is below. #MotherFail #PedoSupporter #RapeIsntFunny #ChildAbuse

Periscope video (Image: (

The woman (


The woman who says I am a pedophile, asked her viewers to call the police as a prank and report me for being suicidal and is a mom and mother to be. Image:

As of today: August 26, 2016 the image below is still up showing your son Nicholas, Cheryl. How do you feel? They got the images from your niece’s FB wall. Your son and mother are shown now. I’ve reported the image. Now it’s up to you.


Yes the elderly woman is my mother and no that’s not my baby. Since you posted my mother’s images, guess I can share your’s too. Image source:

My bullies haven’t won. I  don’t admit defeat. I don’t admit defeat to every person who has ever disliked me or hated me. You don’t win.

I was raped but that wasn’t enough. You made fun of that and asked if I was raped. A father and mother of two daughters. Shameful.

You want me gone? Okay. I’m not gone. You haven’t destroyed me. I don’t give up. I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me.

I am cutting ties with most of my family and friends, even one of my daughters and grandchildren because the person you claim to have spoken to is friends with her and I don’t want you bringing in her children. You brought my kids into this Jarrod and Brandy. How could you?

Today they brought my family into the picture, literally. Their image was all over Twitter. I can’t do that anymore.

Welcome to the new breed of sleeze…the #diddylickers

Everyday I feel responsible for what strangers say about me and how they target my family so relentlessly. Everyday these people mention my name, mention my life, mention my partner, mention my kids, mention my grandchildren (asking people to call CPS aka Child Protective Services on me for being stoned while around my grandchildren. Nothing is sacred. My health means nothing to these Periscope users who literally do it for followers and hearts from all the crazy people who condone what they do collectively. I call them the #diddylickers because they will do and say whatever he does and says. Pitiful but most of the #diddylickers are single and or divorced women or single mothers.

Jarrod’s wife, Brandy appears to be okay with everything he does, including using a woman’s horrific child sex abuse, incest and beatings including being rapeds raped my father. I hope that never happens to her daughters because I fear if it does, he will blame them for it and they will ask them to prove it because unless you see it, it didn’t happen. #ChildPredators

This does NOT say I am going to commit suicide. It says “until and if I ever feel safe again and not that I was ending my life. Just another vicious lie. I showed the scope to the police who were here and they didn’t see I had threatened to commit suicide. #StopTheLies

“So I’ll be finishing shutting every social media app I use and all my websites until and if I ever feel safe again.”

No. I’m not ready to give up everything I have worked for, for the last 7 years to a 38 year old father and his wife who think someones horrific incest and violence was content for their Periscope accounts. How can you call yourselves parents let alone humans?

I’m not done.

This is my fight song. Thanks Rachel Platten.



If you worry your child is being harmed by cyberbullies, how do you think adults feel who are tormented far worse? Be a role model, not part of the problem.

And to end the blog again….let me say….I AM NOT SUICIDAL. Thanks for your concern.

Have a nice day.



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