Don’t want to get caught cheating? Don’t use Ashley Madison



Don’t want to get caught cheating? Don’t use Ashley Madison

It appears Ashley Madison is NOT the safest place to hang out and cheat on your partner. Well is there really anywhere that is safe to cheat on your partner anywhere? If you get caught cheating you have no one to blame but yourself. If you use a website like Ashley Madison to cheat you can’t blame the site either, it’s still your fault.

So why cheat?

Cheaters will always be cheaters they say. I personally have been lucky enough not to have someone cheat on me but it’s been an open topic during our partnership. I don’t believe you can or should stay in a relationship that is so toxic you have to look outside of it to find what is missing. If you cheat that makes you seem weak. If you leave a relationship you felt was not a good fit for you, you are strong. Not every relationship will work out but at least leave with your dignity.

Who’s going to find out if I do it online?

Duh! Everybody! If you thought that cheating offline was tough, online is ten times worse. Just one search by a internet savvy partner will easily find out all the dirty laundry you never wanted discovered.

People will use sites like Facebook to cheat because they somehow feel it’s a safe and secure site. It’s not. In fact, Facebook is so monitored, nothing you do or say on there is completely safe and or private. Just like any website all your info you post on a website stays on that website and worse yet in the footprints you are leaving all over the internet.

If I pay a site, it’s got to be more safe and secure right?

Well no. Ashley Madison is a site strictly for cheating on your partner and guess what? They’ve been hacked. All the info that is on there, all your posts, your personal messages, your personal information is now out there…forever. Now who did that you might ask? Perhaps it’s someone who was cheated on and sought revenge. If you paid to post there to cheat, you get what you deserve, sorry.

In my humble opinion, if you feel cheating is the only thing that will help your relationship, perhaps it’s not really a relationship and it’s time for you to leave with both your dignity in place. Staying and cheating only makes the cheater look like a very bad person. How can someone ever trust a cheater? Once a cheater, always a cheater.

So now there are millions of cheaters out there who are worried their dirty little secret will come out and their partner will find out.  Good. You should be worried. Nothing on the internet is safe and once you put it out there, it will always be out there. Be wise and don’t cheat.

Have an awesome day and good luck to all the cheaters out there who will have some explaining to do very soon.

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