Education is power. Ignorance is powerless.

Education is power. Ignorance is powerless. The lack of education shows through in many ways including having a bad case of #dumbitis. It appears the less educated someone is, the easier it is for them to believe and to spout off words which are hateful.
Education bunny

If you have nuffin nice to say, don’t say nuffin at all.

Rule 1: If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

It’s astounding to hear:
  • people claim that black slaves were happy to work for their slave owners because they were fed and housed.
  • people claim that the children who were violently abused in Residential Schools should be happy because at least someone cared enough to spend money on them and educate them.
  • people believe that disabled people shouldn’t be allowed to go on vacation with their family.
  • people believe that you shouldn’t be allowed to follow your own religion because someone is offended by any part of it.
  • people will kill others who lead a different sexually oriented life. it’s a death sentence to admit you are gay or transgendered in some countries.
  • people believe that if you are over a certain age, you suddenly become infantile and therefore cannot drive or do things you enjoyed. These aged people may suffer abuse at the hands of their grown children by having funds spent they are unaware of.
  • people will abort a child they find out is a girl or, worse yet, kill a newborn baby girl because girls are seen as a burden not a gift.

Is there a problem with that point of view or is it okay to say those things about other people who are not like us?

Education slave home

Contraband at headquarters of General Lafayette by Mathew Brady

If you ask a black American who can trace their family tree back to slavery, if they thought their relatives should be happy because, although they were stolen from their home, whipped and raped, at least the “white” slave owners fed them and housed them, they wouldn’t be okay with that.
Education slavery whip

You can’t own a person. The “cracker” whips a slave while holding a baby by one arm.

Problem number one: You can’t “own” another person.

Under no circumstances is that ever allowed yet in some parts of the world, this does in fact, still occur. Although slavery is illegal, there are many cases of women and children being slaves in North America.
Education slave ships

Stolen from their homes, forced to sail a ship to a land where they would be used like animals instead of treated like humans.

There is a ton of information about the Residential School abuse so actual survivors of abuse there, can speak on it from their own experience. Not every person who attended Residential School, had a bad experience, but the ones who did need to be acknowledged and not re-victimized. Abuse survivors are generally not able or willing to talk about their sexual abuse, so it’s not surprising that survivors tend to speak as adults.
Education residential school

Not every child endured violence at a Residential School but many did and that’s why we need to keep talking about this.

There are religions, I don’t agree with some aspects of, but I realize that I do not control the entire globe and therefore I cannot tell people which God or Goddess is right or wrong. I do not agree with Sharia Law, for instance, but I realize that only the extreme Muslim countries follow that and, though some would have you believe differently, is not practiced in non-Muslim countries like Canada or the United States, for instance. Some people have used the Syrian refugee’s, largely Muslim, as a soap box to say that Sharia Law would be practiced in non-Muslim led countries. Education is power.
Education woman sharia beating

A woman faces discipline in a Muslim led country.

As a disabled person, I am well aware of discrimination. For instance, while a disabled parking spot is close to a business main entrance, the main entrance is not handicap accessible so many people who are disabled cannot use the business. Some places do not have a handicap washroom available for their patrons. It’s difficult getting around as a disabled person and some things, like those handicap parking spots, are needed not wanted. There is a big difference. I’ve seen many able bodied people park in the last disability spot I had been waiting for. When you ask people why they use the spot they say they are only running in for a minute or they are using their disabled family member’s pass to pick up something for them. Both are wrong. The parking spot is wider which is necessary for some disabled people to get in and out of their vehicle. The handicap washroom is bigger so we can get mobility devices in. The toilet in the washroom is raised up for easy transfer from mobility device to toilet. The bar on the wall next to the toilet is to help to transfer from toilet to chair or toilet to crutches or cane. They are also used by parents to change children and or supervise them. Usually there is one or two, while there are many regular bathroom stalls. If you are able bodied, with no children, please don’t use the bathroom as a change room or a place to socialize with your friends. Someone with a disability may be waiting to use the bathroom.
Education disability no hate

Disabilities come in all shapes and sizes, just like people. Don’t discriminate.

What problem is solved by telling people that their history, painful or glorious, shouldn’t be remembered in their own way?

Just because we think something, doesn’t always mean we should open our mouths and say it or type as fast as we can, press enter, and say it. It appears that social media is one of the worst places for people who hate others based on their lack of education on those people. Hate filled pages abound on any subject, no matter how trivial or how serious. These hate pages are also filled with hundreds of fake Facebook accounts so these people can act one way online and hide their online life, when they are offline. Haters will come and go on pages so their points are never really made.
Unless we live in the moccasins/shoes/boots/sandals of another person, we do not know them and therefore do not have the right to make assumptions and or hate filled claims of things we do not know. I only understand the life I live and do not claim to understand or demean any other person based on what I do not know. Saying bad things about people based on what you see and not what you know, is showing a person to be uneducated and unwell. We need to accept each other and our beliefs. If our beliefs do not harm another, then if we choose to believe something, that is up to us.
Be the person you are and do not make false claims about things you do not know or you will appear to be an uneducated, heartless and hate filled person. Which is a very sad thing to be known as if you ask me. #Acceptance #Slavery #America #UnitedStates #ResidentialSchool #Islamophobia

Some information:

History of Slavery
Residential Schools
Have a great day and remember to be your glorious self.

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