Ever feel happiness, just because?

Do you ever feel happy for it no explainable reason? Do you sometimes feel your face wanting to smile even though there is nothing around which makes that want to happen? Do you feel as if your heart is full of love and peace and joy? Those are great feelings are they?


I really feel happy when I hear other people are happy and that our world is not quite as bad as it appeared to be even a few days ago. I have to say that when I hear the words I love you or I think you’re cool or you make me smile, those things make me smile and feel love in my heart.


There was a time when I let strangers online direct the way that my heart would feel about other people. That time appears to be long over and I find myself more concerned about making those people who need peace love and joy, happy. I don’t find myself as concerned about those who dislike me or feel the need to target me anywhere online. That is a very good feeling.


I used to feel, truthfully, like my heart was Heavy because of all those people who naturally targeted me because they disagreed with my view on things. The same people would then quote they had free speech to say and do whatever they wanted to me. Kind of ironic isn’t it? I think these days I just look at those type of people and feel sorry for them rather than angry at them.


So today I find myself waking up and feeling a lot of love in my heart not only for the immediate people around me but also for those people who I speak to on a regular basis online. I find myself surrounded with many positive people who are around the world and just looking for somebody just to hang out with. I’m so glad that they have chosen me to do that. I really enjoyed meeting them and hearing their stories. I love to talk to people on Periscope on a daily basis. In fact, you can find me there for many hours a day if you are just looking for someone to talk to as well. I’ll post my handle at the bottom of this little blog.


So my little prescription or Happiness is simply this, don’t pay attention to those who do not like you. Do not give those people online or offline in your life, the negative attention which they crave. Instead of being angry at these people, feel sorry for them. That seems to be a far worse fate to those people then actually being angry at them. They do not want you to feel sorry for them because that will cause you not to be angry at them. They would rather feed off of your anger and so their life would feel more complete. I do not feed those people anymore. The people who I choose to be friend online are those people who treat me with the same respect I treat them.


So I guess I just want to say thank you very much to all of those people who have stuck by and read this blog and chatted with me on all forms of social media. I understand that I have not kept my end of the bargain up and continually written about things which are important in our world. I do apologize for that however, I do have health issues which cause me not to have a whole lot of energy and so I do have to decide which ways I can best spend my energy. I do hope that the readers of this blog understand that. Those who are left anyway. I’m giggling at this last one. I hope you are

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