Facebook is listening to advertisers

So Facebook is now caving at least a bit regarding advertisements next to things which Facebook does not feel violates their Terms of Service or Community Standards and which the advertisers do. It seems that my idea of sending the screen caps of products next to contents such as pro child abuse, pro rape, pro domestic, pro violence against animals, pro gore etc, is working. So far there have been a few advertisers who have now pulled their ads here due to that issue and Facebook feels the best way to solve this is to simply put a filter in so the ads do not get displayed next to material which is offensive. So what they are saying is that while they acknowledge their sponsors are important because they provide cash, the actual users are not and are quite like the name says being “User”ed. Personally I would not be using this site if I didn’t have some important pages and groups on here which are doing good for others. Are you safe here? No not really. People talk about the NSA scandal and their privacy but did you know that every key stroke here is logged on some server? Did you know they have a copy of your IP or Internet Protocol address which is like your telephone number and can be used to trace? Did you hear about what happened to our accounts last week? Seems FB had a bug of sorts anyone could see our personal account info. Still feeling safe? Still harping about how the government is spying on you? Actually they are with the help of the owner of FB. A good friend of mine had the men in black

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