Facebook, the new social media hate frontier

Facebook and other social media users! Watch what you post or it may come back to bite you in the butt!

Facebook is the new social media hate frontier. Racists will do whatever they can to anger the general population and especially social media where there are angry people with time on their hands and gullible to believe whatever one person claims as truth without ever fact checking for themselves. The followers of the Klan leader are what I call “Sheeple” because they are led around by one Narcissist who really believes they know everything about everything and they never think to check for themselves.
Facebook hate

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Anyone can pretend to be anything on social media and make racist video’s claiming they are victims, yet the very same video’s they share show just how far their racism and narcissism really go. When you see your name and information falsely posted in a video on social media you can report it and you can download it for your own files in case you get law enforcement involved.
If you show someone’s personal information in a video, on Facebook or other social media, they did not allow you to post, you can be reported for slander, defamation and harassment. Generally the ring leader, or Klan leader, had had at least criminal charge of harassment against them which they are found guilty of and or they plead guilty and receive a small fine. The continued behavior online shows that they are in fact targeting more than one person in a bizarre manner to gain attention for themselves.
You can’t claim to be a victim if you are the one lighting fires forcing people to respond to. What that behavior shows is that you can open your mouth but you can’t back it up so to speak. Why would someone think it’s appropriate to behave in such a childish way? Mental illness. They need this attention in their life, good or bad, so they feel better about themselves. It’s got nothing to do with their victims. It’s all about them.
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Haters don’t hate you. They love you.

Racists will not show their racism in the workplace or basically anywhere outside their homes for fear of real world retaliation. It’s one thing to sit behind a computer and type venomously in the shadows on Facebook or other social media, but ti’s another to be comfortable enough to act like a racist outside their home and away from their computer. No employer would hire a public racist, homophobe, islamophobe, sexist, or hater of the handicapped. It’s no wonder they are forced to stay at home where they can safely act out who they really are while never showing it to the rest of the real world. Sad life. There are so many stories now of people who were terminated from their job because of a simple Facebook post, for instance.

Facebook is social media not hate media

YouTube has strict policies for harassment, impersonation, use of copyright graphics and other YouTube channels video’s. It’s not allowed to steal parts of or all of another channel’s content without their permission. So once the Klan leaders channel is disrupted for all the hate speech, they decide to try other social media, like Facebook, where they think they can post any video and it will not be downloaded but it can be just like any other video online today.

My advice?

Be careful what you post in a video, on Facebook or other social media, because just like images or words, once posted, can be out there forever.
Facebook thumper

If you have nuffin’ nice to say, don’t say nuffin’ at all.

I kind of like the words Thumper’s mommy told him, “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Wise words from a wonderful Disney film, Bambi. Now if only we would remember those simple words, our social media would be less hate filled and more filled with love.
Hate has never solved a problem but love has. If you don’t like someone, walk away from them. Simple. You reap what you sow.
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