Florida in May

Image: BeWytch Me & Wanda Probe

Image: BeWytch Me & Wanda Probe

Florida in May

I love to travel if I can do it. It’s a little tough for me since I became physically disabled 13 years ago but I look for ways I can still have fun without having to just be a bystander on the sidelines.

In May I am going to meet up with my awesome aunt and family at the happiest place on Earth in Florida.  I rarely see my family since they live in another province in Canada so times when I can see them are special. This will be a very special time. This is the first time my cousin and her kids have went on a holiday and the first time we have all gone anywhere as a family.

So what are we to do while in Florida? Well I bet you think we’d be doing the usual touristy stuff and while that is true, I like to get a little off the tourist path and do things a little different.  One of the things I love to do is paranormal stuff and guess what? That’s on the menu!

My mobility limits me from doing walking distances so I have to rely on my mobility device but the ghost tour we are going to participate in is accessible for me! I am so happy. I’ve been to the Winchester Mansion and wow there are a lot of stairs, some which go nowhere.

We will be doing a tour of the city and the Monumental Hotel which is said to be haunted. I am thinking about booking a room in a knowingly haunted room but may be too chicken to stay in the room at the Super 8 motel which has a man get in and out of the bed, stare at you and the room never warms up. Yeah maybe not this time. Bak Bak!

We’ll be flying from the US to the US and the entire flight takes about 8 hours so this will definitely be a test of the new compression stockings I bought to keep the swelling down. Wonder how bad the swelling can get? Well look at your ankle then look at a watermelon. Okay now picture your foot and ankle swelling to the size of a watermelon and you got what my foot looks like.

While I am excited about seeing alligators, dolphins, mantee’s and ghosts oh my, I am more excited thinking about the hug I will give my family. The hug has to last a while until we can see each other again.

Okay so enough about that, I wanted to let you know that I’ve had a few tech issues and personal family issues which have kept my attention away from my online stuff but I will try to do as much as I can. I thank each you for your time, your patience, your beautiful heart and soul. You are amazing.

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