Fort McMurray Is On Fire

For McMurray was evacuated after a wild fire jumped the highway and left devastation in it’s path. Fort McMurray went from being a city to an urban service area in the spring of 1995. This urban service area is located in the north-east province of Alberta, in the middle of the Athabasca Oil Sands and encapsulated by boreal forest. Fort McMurray played a large role in the development of the national petroleum industry. In May 2016, most of the city burned and over 53,000 people were evacuated to several cities and First Nation reservations. Even some of the disaster relief places like Anzac, had to be evacuated and the people had to move once again.

Fort McMurray

Please donate if you can or donate goods at any evacuation site. Click the banner to donate. Image: Robert Murray

Tree’s exploding as fire engulfs them

Witness’ report hearing the tree’s explode as the fire came over the ridge towards town. One mother of a five week-old baby, had taken her infant for a doctor’s visit and said she had five minutes to leave. She said when she left home, the sky was clear and the winds were light. It was just a beautiful day until the smoke and flames headed towards to her home.

Fort McMurray

The Fort McMurray, Alta., wildfire could potentially end up being the costliest insurance incident in Canadian history. (Sylvain Bascaron/Canadian Press)

The best of humanity is coming out

So many stories are coming out from people who were evacuated from their homes. People were forced to leave with nothing but the clothes on their backs and leave all their treasured memories behind. Time was of the essence to get out of Fort McMurray. The line-ups for fuel were hours long at some pumps. Some pumps exploded when the fire destroyed them. People raced away from one gas station, while watching the flames coming towards the gas station he was filling up at.

The heat from the flames and the threat of death scared people. Some people ran out of gas, as the flames were coming steadily closer and, some left their vehicles to run for safety. Strangers stopped to pick up the people who were forced to leave their vehicles behind, and brought them to safety. In one case, a young family were stranded and someone stopped to fit them into their small vehicle. They were worried they would not be able to out run the fire so they went under a bridge near the river, in hopes the flames would not come that close.

People all over Canada are donating through the Red Cross (info below) and through local organizations. These people need everything. They need hope the most. Angels are walking among the flames.

Fort McMurray Population Stats @2011:

Population of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada: 61,374

Fort McMurray and area fire loop last 24 hours:

Fort McMurray

This image shows the flames in or around Fort McMurray. Image: NASA

Media about the fire in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada:

Fort McMurray

The fires are visible from space. Image: NASA


I’ve experienced a fire which ended up being fatal to one young man, and ┬áin which our family became homeless due to being burned out. We left with our clothes on our back, I was 9 months pregnant, had a 2 year-old, my partner, my mother-in-law, our car and that’s it. We watched the young man die in the fire. I will never forget the smell of burning flesh or the screams as he burned. Fire is no one’s friend.

My heart goes out to everyone affected. It’s over 80K who have been evacuated now and who knows how many more will be displaced. If you can help by donating to the Red Cross or can donate things locally which people will need when they move to their new homes. So many people have been burned out and their livelihood is now gone. It’s heartbreaking. I can’t help but think of those little kids without toys. That’s what they miss the most I bet.

Dear Mother Earth,

Yes, I know we are slowly destroying everything you are creating, but the people of the area need to go back home and, back to their lives. Please make your winds die down so it’s easier to fight the fire and stop it from destroying any more of Mother Earth than we already have. Please.

Have a great day and stay safe. Please, if you can’t help this cause, look through your home and donate what you don’t need to your local shelters. Every thing matters.

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Former Kelowna resident describes terror of fleeing fire in Fort McMurray


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