George Zimmerman: Day 3 Review



Well it’s been an interesting day for sure. Rachel Jeantel, a friend of Trayvon Martin’s, took the stand for her testimony. This girl was the last person who had spoken to Trayvon prior to his death. They spoke on and off for about 45 minutes and the call ended once while Trayvon was being followed by George Zimmerman and then for the final time, after she heard what she deemed as fighting noises or the man who was out of breath.

Miss Jeantel is not unlike any other person her age and appeared to be frustrated at times with both sides. She told the court that she didn’t take Mr. Crump, the Martin family lawyer, very seriously and spoke to him from a closet.

Mr. West, one of Zimmerman’s lawyers, ran with what she gave him. By the time of the break for the day, he got her to admit that she had lied to Trayvon’s mom about why she had not attended the service for her son. She didn’t attend because she said she did not want to see the body and became very upset on the stand, reaching for a tissue to wipe away her tears.

Miss Jeantel was upset that she would have to come back to the court the next day and continue being questioned. “I’m leaving today.” West quickly asked if she was saying she would not come back tomorrow morning. The judge intervened and said that Mr. West had to stick to questions and answers already asked and given.

Miss Jeantel reported talking to Trayvon on his cell while he was walking home from 7-11 and spoke to him in particular about the “cracker” who was following him. At one point she told him to just run home and he answered that he was close to home and didn’t need to run. Home was Tracey Martin’s fiancee’s home in that gated community. At one point shortly before the call ended, she heard Trayvon say “That N*gger is still following me.” Jeantel told him to run home again and he responded no. A few seconds later she could hear another man’s voice, some cries and then the phone went dead. When asked if she called him back she said she did the first time and he answered and then did a second time but there was no answer. She never spoke to Trayvon again.

She was asked how concerned she was about not hearing from Trayvon and she told the court that she was not worried. She thought maybe he got in a fight and that’s it. She claims to have heard rumours from people who attended his school the next day that Trayvon had been killed but didn’t have it confirmed until her friend send her a link to a site talking about Trayvon.

How did she do on the stand? Well it appears she did more damage than good with her statements. Her ability to be an aggressive witness is not boding well either. She seems very hostile when it comes to being asked about anything. During the trial she looked out at both Trayvon’s parents and it appeared to be she was looking at George Zimmerman as well.

Parts of her testimony are included as sound clips below:

June 26, 2013

Rachel Jeantel pt 1

Rachel Jeantel pt 2

Rachel Jeantel pt 3

Rachel Jeantel pt 4

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