George Zimmerman: I want these terms removed


Is it any wonder that George Zimmerman and his counsel are trying everything in their power to prove their client innocent? They submit motion after motion to try and delay, change judges, remove evidence, add evidence and now the latest motion is to remove terms which they feel may affect the trial outcome.

Now I’m not saying he does’t have a right to a fair trial but doesn’t Trayvon Martin’s family deserve that too? From the beginning the entire Zimmerman family have claimed what their son/brother did was in self defense and would be what any other person in the similar situation would have done. I have some issues with that and the terms they want removed.

These are terms they want removed from the trial”

1. “Profiled” (or any variation of the term)

2. “Vigilante”

3. “Self-appointed neighborhood watch captain”

4. “Wannabe cop”

5. “He got out of the car after the police (or dispatcher) told him not to”

6. “He confronted Trayvon Martin”

My thoughts:

1. Profiled – He in fact did profile as he said in the 911 call “These guys always get away” and “He’s up to no good” and “He’s on drugs”. Profiling does not have to mean racially, it can mean based on sex, gender, age etc.

2. Vigilante – This was not the first time Mr. Zimmerman had “followed” someone and in fact he had made many calls over the years to report suspicious people in his neighborhoods and in at least two case, while driving. He decided to get out of his vehicle and enact what he thought was justice. If he never left his vehicle, there would be no case.

3. Self-appointed neighborhood watch captain – While his attornies would have people believe that it was not in fact his own idea, there is much evidence showing that it was. He mentions how frustrated he was with the amount of crime in his neighborhood. He also emailed the police to set up the training for the neighborhood watch. When it came time to submit for captain, he volunteered which makes him a self-appointed block watch captain.

4. Wanna be cop – It is a fact that George wanted to be a police officer but did not pass the test to do it. His family claim to have ties to the judicial system so it is not a stretch that he was disappointed in not becoming involved in law. This comment may not be appropriate but it does fit his actions.

5. He got out of the car after the police (or dispatcher) told him not to – The whole case is based on George getting out of his vehicle in the first place. Of course his lawyers do not want that added to the trial because that will make people ask questions. He was told to stay in his vehicle and wait after the first time he followed Trayvon and then he got out a second time which is when the murder took place. The death did not happen next to his vehicle but a distance away meaning he did in fact get out of his vehicle a second time. For me, this is an important part of the case and the fact his lawyers want this comment removed shows that they are concerned about it and worried that the jurors will ask why he got out not once but twice.

6. He confronted Trayvon Martin- If he had not gotten out of his vehicle for the second time and followed Trayvon, none of this would be happening. He did in fact confront this young man and that is why Trayvon is dead.

The actual motion is shown below but I want to summarize my thoughts on this by saying that while George Zimmerman does indeed deserve a fair trial, so does Trayvon. After all Trayvon is dead and cannot speak for himself anymore. None of this would have happened if George had not gotten out of his vehicle in the first place and he waited for the police as they told him to. No amount of changes or omissions will change that fact. I expect more from his side as the trial proceeds.


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