George Zimmerman: John Donnelly was in court 2 days before his statement

John Donnelly in court before he gave his statement
Right now defense is probably a little uncomfortable because one of George Zimmerman’s character witness has now proven to be a liar. John Donnelly who claimed to be good friends and who considered George Zimmerman to be like a son was in the court room on June 25, 2013 and June 26, 2013. Mr. Donnelly lied about what he knew because he was in the court room on two seperate days and did in fact hear information which was in hearings only and not even shown to jury. Mr. Donnelly lied on the stand about not knowing anything about this case. I have included the Youtube video’s showing him sitting behind George Zimmerman and the defense lawyers and also his own statement in court on July 8, 2013. I have to ask why the lawyers did not send him out as he was there all day.

Day 2 Part 1 June 25, 2013

Day 2 Part 2 June 25 2013

Day 2 Part 3 June 25 2013

Day 2 Part 4 June 25 2013

Day 3 Part 1 June 26 2013

Day 3 Part 2 June 26 2013

He leaves the courtroom. Perhaps the defense noticed?

This is is statement which can now be dismissed. Why lie? If he lied about what he knew about the case then how can we believe he didn’t lie about anything else? His wife Lee Ann Benjamin seems to be a timid woman and he seems to be very controlling. What do you think?

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