George Zimmerman: Jury Info

Info about the George Zimmerman case Jurors:

Juror B29
Younger, Hispanic
From Chicago
Moved to Seminole County 4 Months ago
Has children

Juror B76
Middle Aged
White Woman
Juror: Knows little about case
Says she discussed case with family
Heard/read/talked about case at least 30 times
Says she discussed the case more than 30 times

Juror B37
White woman
LIved in Seminole County 18 years
Has 2 daughters in their 20’s
Been at her job 16 years
Only uses internet to play games.

Juror B51
White Woman
Has lived in Seminole County since 1987
Retired in 1991
Single with two sons in their 20’s

Juror E6
Young, white woman
Has lived in Seminole County for 2 years
Married 6 years with 2 young children
Arrested once in 1999
Tried to dismiss but remains.
Juror E40

White woman
Moved to Seminole County last year for a job
Works as safety officer
Served on jury 20 years ago
Husband is chemical engineer
Son is 28 & unemployed

Four alternates 2 are male 2 are female

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