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George Zimmerman says that Trayvon Martin punched him in the nose, knocked him down, straddled him, and was banging his head against the concrete sidewalk, then putting both hands over his nose and mouth. While squirming to ‘get his head off the sidewalk’ (how he had the composure to know that his head was close to grass, but couldn’t squirm/buck/kick to get Trayvon Martin off is beyond me, but anyway) he says that Trayvon Martin noticed the gun.

Now, the gun is black. As noted, George Zimmerman was carrying it in an inside waistband holster. Which was black. George Zimmerman was wearing it basically near his back pocket. If George Zimmerman was on his back on the ground, his body is pretty much resting on top of the gun. Check out the re-enactment video, and you’ll see that George Zimmerman reaches behind him to indicate where his gun was.

First off, please explain to me how Martin was able to see this black gun, in a black inside waistband holster, which is underneath George Zimmerman in the dark.

Second, please tell me how the hell George Zimmerman is supposed to be able to ‘pin’ Trayvon Martin’s arm with his right arm, then with the same arm reach behind him to pull the gun out of the holster, aim, and shoot a perfect shot. Unless George Zimmerman’s right arm unhinges at the elbow, it’s physically impossible. His elbows would have to bend -out- to get to the gun – which means Trayvon Martin’s arm is no longer restrained.

This shows how is is not possible for Trayvon to be doing what George claims.  This is the way he claims it happened.

This shows how is is not possible for Trayvon to be doing what George claims. This is the way he claims it happened.

If so…tell me, what was Martin doing while George Zimmerman was trying to get his gun out? At the very least he had one hand/arm free: Martin would have used his left hand to get to the gun – you’ll see pretty quickly that trying with his right arm is pretty much impossible, and even if it wasn’t, there’s no way George Zimmerman would be able to ‘pin’ the arm. So Martin had his right arm completely free even if George Zimmerman somehow kept his left arm pinned.

Notice in the reinactment that he reaches behind him and not on his hip where he claims the gun is. If this is true then how did Trayvon Martin feel the gun or even reach down using his right arm to reach to his left and underneath George Zimmerman while punching him, pinching his nose and covering his mouth?

According to his own reinactment, he pulls his gun from behind and not on his side.

According to his own reinactment, he pulls his gun from behind and not on his side.

Martin had, accordingly to George Zimmerman, done the following, unprovoked: Hit him in the nose so hard he knocked him down, straddled him, banged his head repeatedly against a cement sidewalk, tried to suffocate him. But when George Zimmerman goes to get his gun out and shoot, Trayvon Martin just sits there?

And that’s before we get to the ridiculous idea of Trayvon Martin – upon seeing the gun – instead of continuing the assault or making an immediate mad scramble for the gun, decides to sit up and make a bad-ass quote before ‘taking his hand off George Zimmerman’s mouth and sliding it down his chest’. I mean, it makes no sense. Why would Trayvon Martin run his hands down George Zimmerman’s chest? The gun was behind and underneath George. Why would he say anything at all? He’d just grab the gun.

And of course we have to consider that while Trayvon Martin was supposedly straddling and pummeling George Zimmerman, George Zimmerman’s hands/arms apparently weren’t free to punch back / block / remove hands from nose/mouth etc – George Zimmerman says all he could do was squirm to get his head of the sidewalk. Which means Trayvon Martin had to have been sitting or otherwise restraining George Zimmerman’s arms with his legs.

If so….how does George Zimmerman pin Trayvon Martin’s arm, and how is he then able to get his gun out?

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  1. Rinn Reply


    Paid expert Di Maio’s whole “bombshell” testimony was to state that Trayvon Martin had to be on top of Zimmerman because, based on the gunshot wound forensics, Trayvon’s hoodie was pulling away from his body at the time of the gunshot.

    It was, but not because Trayvon Martin was on top leaning over George Zimmerman:

    Zimmerman shot his lethal weapon and receives 2 minor stippling wounds to the tip of his nose which then bleed. A blood drop falls onto the hem of Trayvon’s shirt (which, when upright, would have been under the zipped hoodie). The location of this blood is documented by the DNA Analyst Anthony Gorgone (Stain A on TM’s shirt). For the blood to fall on the exposed hem, Trayvon’s shirt and hoodie would have to be pushed up (bunched in his chest area) as Zimmerman straddled him. Add the can of ice tea in his pocket to the equation and you easily will have fabric being lifted off the site of the gunshot.

    It’s not the first time “paid expert” forensics pathologist Dr. Vincent Di Maio has been accused of tailoring his testimony for those that paid for his services. He testified for the DEFENSES in the Phil Spector and Drew Peterson murder trials.

    Also: Please google “George Zimmerman boots police station photos”. George has grass clippings and water staining up the toes and tops of his boot only -> none in the heel of the boot.

  2. Rinn Reply


    The explanation for Zimmerman’s bloody nose was in plain sight (if you looked closely).

    EMS found NO blood or swelling inside Zimmerman’s nostrils, but capillary bleeding on the exterior. (google: “EMS Report Zimmerman”).

    The cause of bleeding explained:

    . The effects of his own gunshot are branded on the tip of Zimmerman’s nose (and perhaps behind mustache hairs) in the form of gunshot stippling (pinhole-size wounds created by gunshot residue blast). Minor bleeding from these 2 tiny holes flowed in a narrow path down to his lip (as seen in the color-enhanced bloody nose photo taken by a police officer on the scene).

    . Swelling: George’s nose “looks” swollen in the on-site photo, but we all know what happens to the size of the nose when a photographer gets in too close. To better judge, see the police station photos taken that night — there’s marginal swelling (maybe). A police officer noted that Zimmerman’s nose didn’t look broken.

    So how are the existence of the nick on the bridge of Zimmerman’s nose and Zimmerman’s blood on his gun’s grip explained (when Zimmerman had no blood on his hands):

    . Gun recoil (common issue with these handguns). This explains the stippling as well (the gun has to very close to an object to leave a small amount of intense stippling residue, further away would mean more scattered and microscopic stippling, even further would mean no stippling — think “dispersing”).


    . considering the absence of swelling under the minor abrasions, something poked or scratched Zimmerman’s head (not a single suture was required). I imagine he backed into the leafless branches of the small maple tree located DIRECTLY on the plot of grass. The mass of capillaries located at the skin’s surface of the head explains the bleeding (which apparently didn’t bleed enough to appear on his back collar).


    • BeWytched Reply

      i agree. Nice to hear someone else is doing research and doesn’t believe him either. One point I go back to is during the video reenactment. I understand a video reenactment to mean a reenactment of the crime as it happened. He claims he was knocked down Trayvon was on top of him, and that he had to pull the gun from under him and yet during the reenactment he continues to stand up and reaches from behind him to shoot the gun. I believe he was standing. I don’t think Trayvon knocked him down. The witness’ all claim it was too dark for them to see anything other than shadows as well. Is it possible that George lied about what happened and was caught when he was asked to reenact the crime scene? He has a history of being less than truthful so for me it’s very likely. Thanks for the post. x

      • Rinn Reply

        Witness #2 (axiom amnesia site) glanced down that night and saw 2 figures running back up the T (she was never called to testify in court because the Prosecution was throwing the case.) Trayvon was near “home” and without a home key when GZ tackled him (earwitness heard TM say “get off, get off”), then GZ chased TM back up the T and to the grassy plot where the older, much heavier, MMA-trained man tackled, straddled and and shot the innocent, young community guest.

        George Zimmerman’s re-enactment is a piece of self-serving fiction. As if a delusional man hunting a “suspect” sees the person aggressively coming at him, and he (delusional man) reaches for …. not his loaded gun, not his stun-gun flashlight … but for his phone. Yeah, in George’s fiction it’s a good time for a phone call. It’s his one-sided story, he can say anything he wants. It’s Florida, after all. The fiction continues, and he’d like everyone to believe a skinny, scared teen treated him like a rag doll despite Zimmermen’s year of MMA training, his previous training/employment as a bouncer, his significant age and weight advantages — all those advantages somehow left George on his back like a beetle bug with useless limbs? He wasn’t on his back.

        George would have had to unhinge his elbow to pull a gun out of a waist holster (side or back) IF he were on the bottom, but he wasn’t.

        George would not have asked the first person on-site after the shooting: “Am I bleeding?” if he’d actually been bleeding for awhile, but he wasn’t.

        George’s minor nose bleeding started when he shot the gun and took it in his nose. There’s a reason why people/police use v-formation, double handhold on a handgun when shooting — it’s to absorb the recoil. Zimmerman was shooting at extreme close range with elbow bent and with his non-dominant RIGHT hand, and he took the recoil on the RIGHT side of his nose.

        Commenter Richard Stillman is pro-Zimmerman (just look at the avatar — the U.S. President with a chicken bone in his mouth).

        What Zimmerman and his delusional bunch of gun goons don’t want to understand is that they are making America LESS safe.

  3. Richard Stillman Reply

    Thanks for posting the video. On another board someone was arguing the gun was behind Z. But in the video, Z clearly states it is at his side and his re-enactment shows him unholster the gun from the side, not the back. Good job!

    • BeWytched Reply

      Thank you. There were always too many inconsistencies in his story for me and, even though the jury found him not guilty, I will always believe he did that. I know the media attention and public interest died down on this story but Trayvon is now and will always be a part of my life. I may be on the west coast of Canada but that doesn’t mean his story was not important. Trayvon could have been anyone’s child and he deserves people to seek justice for him. I hope that Trayvon’s family are all doing okay. Thank you Richard for keeping his story alive and caring enough to still stand up for this young man. Have a great day and thanks again for your comment.

      • Rinn Reply

        Besides being the SOLE witness to accommodate Zimmerman’s story and place the person on the bottom in red, John came to court with a nice little drawing.
        Here are my problems with John Good:
        He spoke with police detectives almost an hour later and stated that he’d “found out” that the shooter was “Hispanic”. SURELY THE NEIGHBORS WERE ABUZZ AFTER A MURDER A FEW FEET AWAY, SURELY THEY KNEW IT WAS GEORGE ZIMMERMAN. John Good’s next-door-neighbor, Jenna Lauer (who lied in court and said she didn’t know how to use twitter — when the Prosecution showed her her acct. and the fact that she’d “friended” and was following Robert Zimmerman, so she apparently knew all she needed to know about Twitter), is a member of the community’s Board and she testified that she knew George Zimmerman. Jenna had also been a Facebook “friend” of George’s good friend, Frank Taaffe. So it’s not credible that she and John have all this police activity taking place on their tiny shared back lawn and they don’t recognize the man in handcuffs as their George. George had, in fact, been conversing with another neighbor, Jonathan Manalo — all within earshot of John Good and Jenna Lauer. Porchlights on, flashlights out, a neighbor talking and taking a photo of George, police action, EMS and those two can’t tell it’s George Zimmerman???? One hour later, all John Good is claiming (in a recorded police statement) to know about the shooter is that he’s “Hispanic”. Not George, not the neighborhood watchman, not a neighbor, not the good friend of their friend Frank Taaffe’s, not the man Jenna knows because she’s a Board Member, not a man with a Jewish last name — no, with a neighborhood abuzz with a “so-called self-defense shooting” it was just a portion of George’s ethnicity — an unknown “Hispanic” man 10 feet away from their faces. Credible? Nope.

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