Happy Thanksgiving American friends

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends to the South of the Border. Oh maybe I should clarify, I meant south of the Canadian border. I hope that you have a truly spectacular day filled with all of the wonderful things that this celebration brings to you and yours.

What are you thankful for

How many times in a day do we spend thinking about all of the things that we want? How many times in the same day do we stop and think about how thankful we are for those people who are in our lives and provide more value than that of any purchased item? My Hope Is that we all take time to be thankful for those who care about us enough to be in our lives. My hope is also that while we may not speak to some family members for personal reasons, that we still are thankful for the time that they were in our lives and the memories that they provided.

Thankfully Thanksgiving is a family celebration

Well thanks giving me it started from a very dark time and dark place, it has become better known as a time when families get together and are able to express how thankful they are to have the people who are seated around their table in their lives. Thanksgiving is not a time to bring up political correctness or talk about the negative aspects which began this holiday. Today my hope is that we remember the good things in our lives and still remember where we started from.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends who are celebrating today. I hope that this is a great warm-up for what is to come for your next celebration weather that is Hanukkah or Christmas or Ramadan.

I am thankful for having you in my life. No, it’s not Thanksgiving day here in Canada but I thought I would weigh in and say what I am thankful for as well. Have a super day and thank you for being you.

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