Haunted Halloween – Original



Haunted Halloween – Original

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School was finally over and all the excited little ghouls, witches, ghosts, vampires and werewolves, happily rushed out the door to start their most haunted Halloween ever.

The little monsters ran home to their homes and hurriedly looked for something to hold all their treats to be collected that night. One little monster was not as excited as her friends. She was afraid to say that she was actually afraid of Halloween. No one would believe a monster would be afraid of Halloween.

Misty Monster grabbed her favorite raggedy old doll and climbed into her closet to hide away. Misty hoped no one would find her hiding away so she kept very quiet. Her plan worked well, until she heard the ominous “ding dong” of her front door.

Mr. and Mrs. Monster began calling, “Misty you’re friends are here. It’s time to go trick or treating.” When Misty didn’t come out, her parents began to worry. Just where was Misty.

Misty’s friends all began to search for her. “Misty!” they called. “Where are you Misty?” No one could find Misty and now everyone began to worry. Where was Misty, they wondered.

Everyone decided to go back into Misty’s bedroom and check for her again. Vanna Vampire slowly opened the closet door and jumped back, letting out a vampire scream.  “There you are Misty!”

Misty began to laugh because she realized it was her who made this Halloween a very scary one. Out of the closet Misty came and decided to give Halloween another try because it really was not that scary.

Misty and her friends left her house and decided to go to the new house at the corner. Everyone was afraid of the house and the rumors that humans lived there. Humans! Just the thought made the little monsters shiver. Misty said, “We are monsters, not ‘fraidy cats. Let’s go!”

All of the monsters followed Misty towards the well lit house on the corner. They noticed it was decorated on the outside. Suddenly they saw the lights flicker and then fade away inside the house. The little monsters opened the white picket fence gate and walked slowly down the uncracked sidewalk. When they got to the stairs, all the monsters stopped. The front porch light began to flicker and glow red, then purple, then black. Misty looked behind her, saw her friends were scared, and decided to lead them out of the darkness to face their fears, just as they had helped her overcome her own fears.

One perfectly painted step at a time, they climbed. One, two, three, four, five. On the front porch were some scary things they had never seen before. There was a swing kind of thing that looked much too comfortable and a chair which rocked back and forth. At last they reached the front door. Misty reached up to the door bell and pressed it gently. “Dinggggggg Donggggggggggg! Be afraid, be very, very afraid. If it’s a treat you want then it’s a trick you will do.”

Suddenly the door slowly opened with no creak to be heard and the humans jumped out, scaring the little monsters. The monsters began to run away but Misty stayed. Misty had started to giggle at first and finally let out a big laugh. Humans were not scary at all. The humans had put on sheets to try and be ghosts but ghosts didn’t wear sheets. That’s what made her laugh.

Misty called to her friends, “It’s okay! The humans aren’t scary, they’re funny. Come back!” Her friends slowly came back up to the door and the scary humans. In their hands they held buckets of the little monsters favorite candies like squishy candy worms, jelly brains and eyes, worm infested chocolate bars and more. They had something for every kind of monster there was.

The humans said goodbye and the little monsters left with a lot of their favorite candy. The little monsters continued on through their haunted town, until their buckets were full and then they returned home to share their stories of the most haunted Halloween.

My final thoughts

This original work is meant to inspire people, adults and children, to face their fears and be brave. If you don’t spend your life living in fear, you may actually live a little. Happy Halloween to all the little monsters all over the world. Stay safe and remember to let your adults check through treats before you eat them.

For children with allergies:

Place a blue pumpkin outside to let kids know there are treats for them even if they have allergies. Give things like glow sticks, stickers and other non-edible things. That way all children get something at every house, allergy or not.

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