Help a Syrian Refugee in Canada

Happy even with no toys or safety.

Happy even with no toys or safety.

Help a Syrian Refugee in Canada

These days you can’t turn on or look at any media without seeing the faces of children and families who don’t have a home, food to eat, jobs to go to or, in the case of children, no toys to play with or school to attend. In fact, we see so many reports showing schools being targeted in Syria and the lifeless bodies of the children who were trying to get an education, as any child should have a right to do. I can’t sit by and look at children who have no home, no safety, no food and no toys to play with. It amazes me that the kids are still smiling and playing in the dirt, just happy to be alive. It shouldn’t matter where they come from or the religion they follow. They are humans and, more importantly, children. To say you won’t help because you disagree with where they come from or their religion, are heartless and racist in my view.

How many Syrian refugees are coming to Canada and when?

The Canadian government has set the date the influx of 25000 refugees to be here by, Christmas Day, December 25, 2015 which is 45 days. The urgent call for help has been issued by organization and our government to provide rooms, basement suites, apartments, travel trailers or homes.

How can you and I help?

Contact the government and or contact local organizations who are set up to help immigrants who are coming. In the lower mainland of Vancouver they are expecting 2700 refugees who will need a home, a place to send their children to school, need trauma support and counseling for all family members. You can donate money to organizations who are going to be hammered by extra costs of support services. You can help by providing a job. You can help by providing a home or a room for a family. You can help the children gain friends and help adapt to their new surroundings. Our children are amazing caregivers who don’t look at religion or skin color. I applaud our children.

I live in the lower mainland and want to help, where do I go?

There is an organization that is set up to help new immigrants here and you can get information about how you can help.  I’ve listed the organization I’ve also contacted below. Our family hopes to have a Syrian family with us by Christmas and to give them the best gift they could get, safety.

Contact: for more info

My YouTube video on what I am doing to help and what other Canadian’s can do to help. Please subscribe if you want to.

What are you doing to help?

Our family has applied to accept a Syrian family into our home. It is our hope to provide the family with what they need and to provide the kids with as much kid like activity as possible like giving them a toy to hold when they are scared and lonely from missing their previous home. We have 2 or 3 bedrooms that we plan to help a family until they are settled. My grandchildren and other family members will be involved in making the family feel a little better. We don’t have a problem with the religion or the country, we just care about the people escaping the horror that their life was. No child should ever have to live in war times.

My final thought:

It’s not enough to just watch the news and feel bad about what you see, sometimes you have to lift yourself up and out of your own comfort zone to make sure that another person has the safety they deserve. It’s tough to do but in the end, you can look back and think about the difference you were able to make in someone’s life who didn’t think anyone would care. Not every person is comfortable with having strangers in their home but if you think about it, it’s not a home without people. Do what you can and that is all you can do but do something. The children are the future and they need the help.

Thank you so much for reading my blog today. Thank you so much for doing anything you do for someone else. You really are amazing.

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