HonestAndFrank thinks Children should have sex

Who is this Frankie Cucchiara you ask? Well Frankie aka HonestFrank aka HonestAndFrank aka CamModelsTweets seems to really enjoy talking about how children should be allowed to have sex with adults, if it’s the child’s choice. What? Yes you read that right. Please remember that child predators are everywhere, on all social media apps, and people who call themselves honest are not.


Hi Frank! Thanks for streaming my blog live on your connectcast.tv stream. Okay so you seem to be confused how hyperlinks work so I’m going to make it  as easy as possible for you and all your followers who would like to know what you say.  Keep in mind that the video’s shown below, with the exception of the one by TOxic, are yours, not mine. The words you say are yours, not mine. Everything that is in this blog is your posting publicly all over including spelling your name and saying where you live. Please refresh your memory Frank by watching your own video’s.

As for calling me a bitch and the dreaded C word and you copying my streams, which are copyright of Periscope and myself, is illegal, since neither Periscope nor I gave you written permission to stream on any other site.

I only googled your name and found everything. You have no one but yourself to blame. You made the statements. If they were wrong, why do you still have all those streams still up for other child predators to watch?

I hope this helps you Frank. If I’m wrong about all your video’s, which are your own, than show me the proof you didn’t say what you have online? Most of your streams are spent talking about how it’s okay for adults and teens to have sex. You wonder why people have doubts? I can’t make this stuff up. I’m reporting what I see as many others have as well. This is news. Have a great day Frank.

Update September 23, 2016:

Frank has added to his website http://www.kidsoncam.tv with this information. Do you think he is or is not a pedophile?

This is a video on his site and he claims this young girl “Sexually Flashes her Bra” and “even though she is not Mentally Ready to have Sex yet is Proof that Kids start Maturing and get Sexual at a Very Young Age.”

Frank’s posts from his site:

“This cute Kid On Cam below, who Sexually Flashes her Bra,

even though she is not Mentally Ready to have Sex yet is Proof
that Kids start Maturing and get Sexual at a Very Young Age.

I explain myself here but many people
and Blocked me out when I said,
And This And That And Stuff Like That,
because they automatically ASSumed I thought
Kids are ready for Sex and only See what
they Want to see that isn’t True so that
They Feel Good About Themselves because
they are not Happy with what they did in their Life
and want to Point their Fingers at others and say,
That’s The Bad Guy and because
many people Can’t See The Forest Through The Trees!

Just because I was simply Stating a FACT that
Kids start Maturing at a Young Age, that didn’t mean
I’m a Pedo who was Sexually Attracted to Children,

If you are an Adult who is Sexually Atracted to Children,
that means you are a Pedophile.

So if you Are a Pedophile, please talk to a Good Therapist
so that you get Help and don’t touch kids Sexually or
talk to Me on cam as your Natural Born Therapist!

If you are unable to talk to me on Cam,
try to watch as many of my Videos as you Can
so that I can Help you deal with your Problem.

REMEMBER PEOPLE, It’s not a Pedophiles FAULT
if they’re Sexually Attracted to Children and
Don’t Hate them if they are Not touching Kids Sexually.****

As long as a Pedophile doesn’t touch Kids Sexually,
Acting on their Child-Like Sexual Urges,
they are are NOT a SEX OFFENDER!

I feel Pedophiles should Buy a Child Sex Doll from
Trottla** or somewhere and maybe
play their Favorite YouTube videos of
Kids On Cam to help them SATISFY their Sexual Urges
by Fooling Around having Sex and Cumming with
a Child Sex Doll that is FAKE, rather than Sexually Touching
a Real Child.

I feel that Child Sex Dolls will help Prevent Pedophiles
from wanting to Sexually touch Real Children!

I feel this way because, after I look at Adult Porn,
I Masturbate to it as if I am having Sex
with the Sexy Hot Women and after I CUM,
I don’t have the Urge to want to to Frank again
or go out and have Sex with a Real Woman because
I SATISFIED my Sexual Needs!

After I someday Buy a Real Sex Doll, like from
RealDoll.com, it will not make me go out and Rape a Woman
since I am not a Rapist to begin with!

Watching Porn or having Sex with a Sex Doll
will not make one go out and Rape anyone,
unless of course they are a Rapist
and would Rape someone Anyway,
WITH or WITHOUT being with a Sex Doll.

If you think I am WRONG about Anything at All,
I DARE you to come on Cam with me or Call me
when I am LIVE on the Honest And Frank Show on

Below are other links to sites that show Kids On Cam
which is NORMAL.


What Kids Do Alone With A Webcam*** on Youtube.

@ChildToCherish also shows Kids On Cam at
ChildToCherish.com like I do on KidsOnCam.TV!**************

Source: Sincerely Honest And Frank,
Frankie “Honest Frank” Cucchiara of HonestFrank.com!”

*************The site shown is not like the site he is operating. None of the images are of a sexual nature with children and the writer doesn’t say anything about children being “sexy”

Although he was banned on Periscope and many other sites, he now has an account on Rabb.it/HonestFrank and YouTube speaking about how sex with children is okay.

**The site which Frank links his Kids On Cam site to, features life like child sex dolls in Japan. Please be careful when looking at the site as it is explicit.  I’d say the link to a child sex doll site is a nail in his child predator coffin, don’t you?

***That was a search using the terms on YouTube “What Kids Do Alone With A Webcam” and which is no longer available so link is removed.

****So Frank thinks that Pedophiles are the victims and the children they abuse, the abusers? He goes on to say that it’s okay to watch porn, masturbate and use a sex doll too….when making reference to what pedophiles can do instead of harming a child. So does Frank watch child pornography, masturbate and want to use child like sex dolls?

The information contained in this blog is for Fair Use and news reporting. Links are provided to the documented proof of what is being written. Please feel free to share. Thanks.****

Abused children HonestFrank

It shouldn’t hurt to be a child. Act don’t stop to consider the feelings of the adults. Kids do not have a choice and you can be their super hero.

HonestFrank thinks that if a child is 13, they are ready for sex with an adult.

The attached video’s, with HonestFrank speaking, explain why he believes children who are under 18 are not children but in fact are ready for sex if they want sex with an adult and initiate it. What? True. He’s been banned on so many sites for having content in video’s which he streams but all he does it make a new account and then stream the same child loving sickness.

If you google his name, you will find out a lot more about him and what he believes. He was in a gaming site called BattleCam and he was kicked from there for saying that 10 year olds are ready for sex if they want it with an adult. He was called out in the video on one channel and stated freely that he performed oral sex on his older brother and had his older brother perform oral sex on him but it’s okay, he says, because they were kids. That’s called incest and it is illegal.

Updated: Thanks to @StopHonestFrank for the updated information to allow me to make corrections. I appreciate your contact on Twitter.

HonestFrank admits he had sexual relations with his older brother as a child

Listen at around 24 minute mark when he freely admits what he did to his brother and what his brother did to him. He claims he was six or seven and his brother was around 11 but then he says he didn’t have any brothers in a recording from today’s date. Why he wouldn’t have told his parents or a trusted caregiver is alarming. Perhaps his mind would have grown healthy. I feel sorry for him now because his mind was scarred from his own sexual abuse.

HonestFrank wears the flag of the United States like a cape and insults real hero’s

HonestFrank has been banned repeatedly from many sites, including Blab.im which he was banned again yesterday, June 7, 2016 for malicious intent after he made a new account CamModelsTweets and began stating his belief that it’s okay for kids to have sex with adults.

HonestFrank has followed around many people on the net who do not agree with his view on having sex with children and one woman who he has stalked, stolen video’s and harassed for four years.

HonestFrank was arrested for a false bomb threat in 2010

Frank Cucchiara decided to claim he was running for Mayor in the town he lives in and, when not added to the ballot as a candidate, called in a bomb threat and was arrested for that.  Link to story is below.

HonestAndFrank likes to record everything that happens in his life, including a visit for the local Society for Protection against Cruelty to Animals who came to his home after seeing a listing he placed in Craigslist stating he has puppies for sale. While he claims that he didn’t place the ad and when the officer says the person’s name he then claims yes he knows him. In a video he streamed today, he laughs when he shows that video because it was him who placed the ad which caused the SPCA to show up at his door. What’s alarming is the officer says he knows who he is very well.  The video

Here are some quotes from his video’s and what he believes:

Video 1:

Billy Lawson comes to Frank’s house to ask him to stop contacting his mother on facebook and to stop reposting her facebook pictures.

Video 2:
Starts at 8:30 – Frank speaks at a Town Hall Debate wearing an American Flag as a cape, is told to take it off, meeting is delayed.

Frank, the other links are part of the post below. To view your video’s just click the link and it will take you to your YouTube channel.  Hope that helps.

Video 3:
SPCA Show up to Frank’s house regarding a false Craiglist ad

Video 4:
Frank runs on a treadmill and states children should have sex with adults only if they are sexy enough.

Video 5:
Frank is confronted by “AbercrombieChick” for harassing him online and not getting the message she isn’t interested in him sexually.

Video 6:
Honest Frank discusses putting a picture of a naked underage girl on his website. 

Video 7:
Frank Talks about his support of incest and his own personal experience in male sex exploration 

Read this excerpt from the HonestAndFrank harassment / Cyber Bullying oriented website regarding Statutory rape, the promotion of adults having sex with teenagers and Frank’s creepy admission of his own deranged sex life.


Screen shot 2015-10-18 at 10.21.01 PM http://www.realhonestfrank.com

Frank is a known animal abuser who had his first youtube account shut down for uploading a video of his dog desperately breathing for air as it died. Frank is an online predator and is to be avoided.

Frank has been banned from the following websites,

Blab.IM x 2

and many others.

Source: https://realhonestfrank.com/2015/10/17/real-honest-frank/

So is HonestFrank aka HonestAndFrank aka CamModelsTweets a victim?

I’ll let you decide if you find his behavior stable or not. I am thankful to a #Periscope user @OnlineDatingPimp who streamed about this guy and brought it to the surface.

My thoughts:

I don’t believe that adults and children should ever have sex. I don’t believe that it’s okay for a brother to perform sexual acts with their brother either. I don’t believe it’s okay for a boy or girl under 18 to have sex with an adult. That’s just me though. If you watch the video’s, with his own words, you will see that Frank fantasizes about teenage girls and seems to get extremely excited when talking about how he finds 16 year old girls, who are developing, to be ready to have sex with a grown man. I have a ton of Periscopes now dedicated to this person and my hopes is that someone is able to knock him offline for good. He needs mental health help to stop thinking that adults and kids should have sex together but that’s on him. Will he ever change? No. He thinks it’s okay for adults and children to have sex.  #OpPedoChat

More Info:

Frank these are links so you have to click them and they will take you to the pages shown. These are known as Hyperlinks. Hope that helps you.

Frank calls a counsellors office after the arrest for his false bomb threat

The original mainstream media story of Frank Cucchiara’s arrest for false bomb threat

A wordpress site dedicated to exposing HonestFrank aka Frank Cucchiara

HonestFrank aka CamModelsTweets banned on Blab.IM for second time

HonestAndFrank aka HonestFrank aka CamModelsTweets harassing Abercrombie Chick

HonestAndFrank uses TinyChat which is well known for child predators

HonestAndFrank uses YouNow which is a well known place for teens to show talents

HonestFrank channel on YouTube


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