“I thought you weren’t a Christian?”


That was a response I received to a status I re-posted on a social media site asking for prayers for a friend whose husband was just diagnosed with lung cancer. I guess it is hard to understand how a witch or Wiccan could ask for prayers and good thoughts for others when we do not have one God we believe in. Unbeknownst it to a lot of Christians, there are more than one religion in this world and Christianity is one of the youngest.

So what do I believe? I believe in doing harm to none or it will come back to me three fold or three times. I never cast spells for anyone unless they have asked me to do it and never have or will do the dark spells. For me Wicca or witchcraft is a path which is as normal as it is for some Christians or other religions. We do not just simply choose to be a witch but rather it is a lifetime callings. For me, it started in my childhood, for instance. So how and why did I choose this path?

Around age five or so, I started to see spirits in our home and when I told my parents, they laughed and called it the boogeyman and it was all imagination. I did not believe that. I knew what I was seeing was real even then. My mother was Roman Catholic and as such baptised me into the faith as a small baby. If have read any of my own personal stories of child abuse, you know that even though I was baptised and supposedly safe, I wasn’t. In fact, what I lived in was hell. No religion could save me then.

Our family moved from place to place about every six months or so but I always managed to get connected to the next spirit which contacted me. I learned to accept that I could not talk about this with my family because they would never understand it so I kept quiet. I also learned from an early age that I had control over what I was seeing like the spirits who could come to me in the after death, near death or life point. I chose to only talk with those who were coming to me in a non scary way and while most of the time it worked, sometimes it did not and I still saw them at their worst. The worst experience regarding spirits is a house we lived in on Victor Street in Winnipeg, Manitoba. My room was to the right of my two younger brothers. One night their door slammed shut and my 4 and 6 year old brothers started to scream. You could hear the loud crashes coming from their room and while my step dad tried to get into the room, he could not. He was angry because he thought the boys were playing around after bed time so you can imagine that he tried hard to open that door. For about 5 minutes this horrific noise came from their room and then just as suddenly as it started, it stopped and the door flew open. My step father was outside the door and even he was surprised to see my two brothers cowering in a corner and the disarray from their room. They had matching beds which usually were made into bunk beds but they were side by side when we moved there. These heavy wooden bunkbeds were standing straight up against the wall, the dresser was turned upside down and you could not even see the floor for all the miscellaneous stuff that was scattered and smashed. My step father was in shock but still somehow chose to blame the little boys for damage they could never have done. My 6 year old brother and 4 year old brother both said there was a little man in a black cloak which came out of the closet and attacked them. The entity had red glowing eyes but you could not see their actual face. My brother told me that this creature followed him for years as well. Needless to say we moved from the house but years later, my cousin who visited us regularly, reminded me of that night and what happened. Nice to have another person tell you the same story you remember.

Each house we moved into had a spirit and they were not always nice. I was around 12 when I had my first ever sleep over with friends. It was a grade six graduation sleep over. I meticulously set up the basement so that we could all hang out down stairs and play games. Some of the girls had invited their friend or boyfriend over so the music was going and we were really having a great time when suddenly things changed. The upstairs door to get out of the basement locked though there was no lock on it. The tool room door my stepfather kept under a padlock, flew open and shut, slamming each time against the wall or back against the frame. The lights all started flickerting and then shut off altogether. My friends ran up the stairs to get out and they could not. They banged on the door to get out and just as quickly as it started, it stopped. The padlocked door once more closed and the upstairs door suddenly flew open. The lights came on but no one noticed because they were too busy running out of the house. They never came back into my house. Ca you blame them?

I have tried using the Ouija board but it leads to the dark side and is full of lies. Although under the right circumstances it does work in a positive way and provides info which no one but a few who may be present, would know. I was given a Ouija board in my early 20’s and my family asked me to contact their mother who had passed on a few months prior. I knew my grandmother pretty well as we had shared a bedroom when I was 16 years old. I learned a lot about her using the Ouija board which I never knew. Her daughter’s were present in the room but they all refused to touch the pointer because of superstition. I asked to speak to their mother if she was there. A man came through instead. He claimed to be a man whom she had been in love with before she had to marry her husband. He claimed they had always loved each other and they were now together at peace. He assured us that she was happy now for the first time and so was he. Although I had no knowledge of this man or the relationship, my other aunts in the room knew who he was and was very surprised to see that he came through.

During my teens I accepted who and what I was and started looking into what this was. Was it a gift or a curse? I found out I was also telekinetic as well as psychic from a lady who I had never met before. She was a friend of my soon to be mom in law’s and was a very gifted psychic, medium etc. She took a look at me the first time she met me and told my soon to be hubby, don’t get this one mad because though she may not be able to hit you with a frying pan, she can hurt you if she wants to. This lady knew about the gifts I had at the time, without me even saying a word. She offered to read my tarot cards on my next visit but when that time came she said she could not read them. She claimed to have seen something very bad in a dream about her reading my tarot and that was enough for her. She was the first person to refuse to read my tarot but not the last. In fact it took me over 20 years to find someone who was even willing to attempt to do it. This tarot reader told me who I was and again i never said a word. He told me that I have not only been on this earth or plane once but many times. I knew that because of a recurring dream I had had since early childhood and continued to have even into my adulthood.

My journey into Wicca or witchcraft began at around age 10 when I borrowed an old tattered book from the school library which our substitute librarian had suggested I read when I inquired about the occult. I took this book home and started reading it every night. This book told you how to cross over to the darkside and serve Satan. Throughout it, there were spells and chants which would bring Satan to you and you to Satan. Now at this point in my life, I had a really bad home life and it would have been very easy for me to turn to this side but there was something inside of me which said this was not the right path. I returned the book on it’s due date and walked out of the library. Later in the day I went back in search of it to find it was no longer there. I approached our regular librarian about it and she had no idea what I was talking about. She asked me to show her where I got the book from and when I did she again said there was no such book in the library. She asked me who gave it to me and I told her it was the substitute librarian two weeks prior. She looked at me like I was crazy and said there was no other librarian and she had never missed a day of work in over 20 years. She also told me that in our school there were no books on the occult allowed as it was a Catholic school. There were tons of God stuff but not anything about other religions.

After that incident I felt as though I was still being pulled towards something but was unsure of what. I continued on in the church’s that I attended of all faiths, always looking for what would make me feel whole and strong in belief. I was even a Sunday school teacher when I was a teen. I loved and still do love gospel music as well. I was in the church choirs too. I have nothing against the Christianity religion but for me it just never seemed to fit.

I decided in my early 20’s to follow the path of Wicca after meeting many others who also practiced. I have been to one coven sabat and it was incredible. There are those who choose to be in coven’s and then there are those, like me, who choose to be solitary practioners. I do not do any dark magic no matter how much at times I wish I would. I do not deal with any of the dark arts and have never been a Satanist either. I have never done any blood letting or harmed another. I cannot cast a spell on someone unless they give me their permission. I and other Wiccans believe in the Wiccan creed which states that Harm ye none. We believe that what we cast can come back to harm us three fold if we do not have the permission to cast spells.

So what do I do? I read tarot offline and on for friends who want to know things. I do not believe in the Death card as being a sign of true death but death of a part of another’s life such as leaving a job, a partner, etc. It is a new beginning. If you think of the fall time, things die in order to bring new life in the spring. I have predicted pregnancies, sex of babies before the parent’s knew from other means, predicted marriages to people online whom I knew for a short time and which came true. I have spoken to people from around the globe on webcam and have been able to answer questions like, is there a spirit here? In one case I told a young girl I was sorry for the loss of her twins. She said how did I know? I told her she lost a boy and a girl but the girl would come back first with darker skin and dark hair and in three or four years after that a little fair haired boy would come who was a lot lighter skinned. She then told me she had lost twins on Valentines day a few months prior and they were born stillborn. One was a girl and one was a boy. I told her that within two years she will be pregnant again and though it will be rough, you will stay pregnant but will need some medical help to go to the end. Two years later, she contacted me and gave me the news she had a baby girl who was dark haired and skin. Three years later she contacted me and told me she had a little boy who was just the way I predicted. I have many stories like that which I will eventually share.

Do I associate with any Christians or other religions? Yes. I have friends of many faiths and I respect their choices just as they respect mine. I do not say to them their religion is wrong because for them it may be what they need. They do not condemn me because of my own path I have chosen. I have read the bible from front to back and took out of it the good and left the bad on the pages when I closed the book. Now some people do dislike me when they find out who I am because I am Wiccan but then those are the people who I feel the most sorry for. They have not read their own bible or if they did, they didn’t take in what it said. Those people take the bad and leave the good when they close the book.

I accept people for who they are and that is all I can do. I am not a God and as such, I do not have a right to choose the path of anyone but myself. I hope that you can accept me for who I am too. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


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