Update: Jessie Legassie: I recorded the fight between Brittany & pregnant Amber


Jessie Legassie Mother of the Year for planning & provoking fights between pregnant women with no regards for unborn children.

Jessie Legassie Mother of the Year for planning & provoking fights between pregnant women with no regards for unborn children.

Update: September 27 2013 Jessie has created another Facebook account using the name Mellish Joey https://www.facebook.com/lonlyme.waitingonyou


Profile image same one used in her other profile and child’s face is removed for safety reasons.

Jessie claims to be a victim and yet she recorded a video of what she knew was going to be a fight between her friend Brittany and pregnant Amber. In this message she sent to the site, notice how she claims to be a victim and didn’t know anything was going to happen or that she was even recording the fight. Really? Jessie, recording is not that easy and you would have willingly done that. Smart phones are smart but not that smart to start recording a fight without the owner knowing it was. This is her comment in trying to defend provoking and recording the fight. If you listen at the end of the video Jessie tells Brittany to stop before she leaves marks for the police and that she would take care of everything if the police were called. She knew what she was doing was wrong and she knew the cam was recording. Again, this woman does not appear to be mother of the year material. Scary to think she is raising her child to condone fighting rather than talking things out. Children learn what they live. Mom’s a 30 year old bully and her daughter may, unfortunately, end up in the same place thanks to her mom. Going to break up what she says and respond accordingly.

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just to let you guys know I’m not the one that posted that video Britney is

She recorded the video which Brittany and Alissa uploaded. She knew the fight was going to happen which is why she recorded it from start to end. Her claiming to not have been the one to post the video online doesn’t matter because had she not recorded it, it would never have been uploaded. This is her fault.

and I’m not going to get involved in two other people fighting

Of course not because she knew the fight was pre-planned. If she intervened then she would have no fight footage of a girl beating up a pregnant girl. Jessie is a bully who needs attention and who not only recorded but also provoked the fight.


and no I did not know that it was going on in for you guys for all my information on this website that criminate in person that’s not the proper thing to do

It’s incriminate not criminate but then again I don’t thing spelling or grammar are that important to Jessie. This website exposes online child predators, child abusers, trolls and bullies. Jessie would like to stay in the shadows so she wouldn’t look as bad as she does but since she decided to record the fight video and provoke the actual fight that makes Jessie not only a bully but a person who condones and participates in the abuse of children, in this case an innocent unborn baby girl.

how would you like it if I take all the pictures I can get off your kids miss not post them on here

Showing her bullying side and making threats is not going to help her case of being a victim.

I did not get involved in that fight no I did not separate the two of them because I did not want to touch you either pregnant woman have anything happen to them it be my fault

No all she did was record the fight which was pre-planned and provoke the abuser to abuse the pregnant mother. And according to reliable sources, Brittany actually was not pregnant and faked it so I am not sure why her good friend Jessie refers to “either pregnant woman” when she knows her friend was not pregnant. And what happened is partially Jessie’s fault because she had it planned to record the fight. She can play victim all she likes but it was her, a 30 yo woman who decided to record and provoke a fight with a pregnant girl.

and yes it was recorded I was doing a face to face chat and I thought that I was recording my own thing and then I noticed that was recording that fight

Recording is not necessary when you are simply using a chat program so she is once again lying and trying to cover up what she did. She had lifted the cam to record the fight and held it in front of her while she was following Brittany and telling Brittany things to provoke the fight. Jessie knew the cam was recording. I honestly wish she would just admit that because this just makes her look like a liar on top of being a person who pre-plans to record a fight between her friend and a girl she knows is pregnant. Jessie needs to be charged as an accessory and I have knowledge there is a petition circulating in her town now to do just that.

yes it was recorded I was doing a face to face chat and I thought that I was recording my own thing and then I noticed that was recording that fight

I’m the one that signed into Britney’s face book and deleted the video

Another lie. Brittany would have had no problem deleting the video from her own account. Why Jessie is lying again is only to take away attention from what she did in the first place. Notice she never mentions a baby is being injured but is content to pretend she is a victim now though she caused the issue in the first place?


somebody else uploaded it to YouTube

And how did that someone else, Alissa, get the video then? Alissa was the uploader of the video to YouTube.

you might want to get your facts straight asked me point blank

Hmmm facts? Let’s see. Fact 1: Jessie Legassie and Brittany Leavitt planned an attack on what they knew was a pregnant girl. Fact 2: Both Jessie and Brittany drove with a third party, male smoking in the front seat whose name I have as well, to have Brittany beat up what they all knew was a pregnant girl. Fact 3: Jessie recorded the entire event from the time she left the vehicle until the fight was over. Jessie pre-planned to record the video. Fact 4: Jessie not only recorded the video knowingly but she also provoked the fight and offered at the end to tell the police whatever Brittany wanted to keep her out of trouble. Fact 5: Jessie followed the two girls around the blue Ford Ranger making sure to get the entire fight recorded. If she had not meant to record it, why did she have it in front of her and not in her purse or car or pocket? She knew and it was pre-planned. Fact 6: Jessie continued to stalk Amber after the fight and has threatened physical harm to both Amber and her unborn baby. Jessie has gone to torment Amber several times since the incident with Brittany. Fact 7: A real mother would neither encourage a fight with a pregnant girl nor would she then continue to stalk and harass the same. Fact 8: Jessie has proven herself to be a total low life and is only capable of spewing hate.

Brittany Leavitt commented here.  She is the pregnant girl who beat up another pregnant girl.

Brittany Leavitt commented here. She is the pregnant girl who beat up another pregnant girl.

grow up or I’m going to go after all your kids with their pictures on the blog and see how you guys like it

See what a bully she is? She is definitely Mother of the Year material don’t ya think? Bullies come in all shapes, sizes and ages. Jessie Legassie is living proof of what a 30 yo bully is and just how much of a coward she really is. Nothing she can say will stand as a defense. She pre-planned to record a fight with a friend of hers and a girl she knew was pregnant. Did you see any remorse for what she did? No. She didn’t care that a baby was being kicked and punched. All she cared about was the attention she would get. She can lie all she wants but she pre-planned it and most certainly knew what she was doing. Shame on you Jessie for thinking you are a mother and condoning abuse to an unborn baby. No mother does that.

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