Who is John Aster?

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Who is John Aster?

***Updated:  YouTube links are no longer available.  The information in this blog was found publicly available on the internet by google search.  All information used for criticism and education under Fair Use Act.  Also includes a comment made by someone claiming to be with the Bikers United Against Child Abuse in Canada condemning me because I had the blog down for editing.  Seems strange to me. ***

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John Aster, a self proclaimed activist, wrote publicly in the Australian Shared Parenting Debate that, “…they had not found child porn in 9 years.” Would an innocent person claim that? In the chat transcript below, John Aster revealed how he was not only charged with child sexual abuse images but he goes on to say how the court then allowed him to enter a plea bargain causing him not to receive any jail time.


John Aster has connected himself with a number of organizations including Safer Family Law Campaigners and men’s groups. John started a few new Facebook groups designed to attract parents from the groups he claimed to be connected with and offered to assist those who asked, with help in obtaining court documents and any pertinent evidence from court cases. Pictures of child abuse often contain graphic images and may have been misused by John Aster. When some parent’s he spoke to received the information upon his disclosure, they began to alert other parent’s. When the parent’s began to speak about what they were concerned with, John launched a “disinformation” campaign where he attacked members of groups like Mako, for their campaigns in requesting media release of all child predators.


John Aster plead guilty to having more than 1500 images of child sexual abuse and now only has access to his child through family court visitation. John has manipulated his own community into believing he was an innocent man and never participated in viewing of child sexual abuse images. John goes on to claim that he is “falsely accused”. The charge which he claims innocence on is one that was was given in 2000. The information came to the surface when an offense which matched his age, location and number of images was reported.

***The previous YouTube video’s were removed and all links pertaining to them have also been removed.***

Source: http://therealstolenshow.wordpress.com/2013/01/29/axj-is-a-fraud-created-by-a-pedo-named-john-aster/


Facebook profile which shows you that convicted sex offenders do openly post and sign up on Facebook even though their policy claims to have a zero tolerance for any sex offender:


There is currently no public register of sexual offenders in Australia but there are many campaigns to help the “falsely accused”. The nearest program to a sex offender registry is Mako and only cases which are brought to the public’s attention make it into their registry. As shown in “Where do all of the perpetrators go?”, sex offenders in Australia, receive an average of between 4 and 8 years in jail time and their identities, once released, are protected. Once they are released to the community, they are at a high risk to re-offend because they are allowed to prowl the neighborhoods without the community even being aware there is a sex offender living amongst them..

Because of the secrecy provisions of the Family Law Act and their protection of decisions of the court from public watch combined with no sex offender registry, Australia has become a welcome home for sex offenders and a very real danger for the children living there. The laws in Australia are set up to protect the abusers and not the victims. That has to change.

Some interesting facts about the Australian legal system and sex offenders:

*There are 3000 children in the Australian sex industry(source).
*700 paedophiles in Australia were identified(source).
*Few sexual abuse cases make it to court, 95% of cases reported are not prosecuted(source).
*Even fewer cases are acknowledged as a risk in the Family Court.

Updated: July 4 2014 – Comment by a supposed member of BUACA

I have a question for you bewitched why is it that you removed information pertaining to a convicted sex offender named John Astor. By removing such information would not be considered as aiding the sex offender by keeping his information of the World Wide Web?

I do notice they misspelled the name “John Astor”.  His name is John Aster not Astor.

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