Light Up Purple for Robin Williams, Amanda Todd & Mental Health 2014

Image: Amanda Todd Legacy Foundation

Image: Amanda Todd Legacy Foundation

Light Up Purple for Robin Williams, Amanda Todd & Mental Health 2014

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If you or someone you know needs help now please call the number anywhere in North America:  1-800-273-TALK (8255)  You are not alone.

As many readers know, I have been very actively supporting against cyberbullying and many other types of abuse which can and have led to death by suicide.  In this case we are asking the world to light up purple to let people know they are not alone and there is support for their mental health problems.

Carol Todd, Amanda Todd’s mother, started the foundation one year after her daughter’s tragic suicide.  Amanda was only 15 years old and a little over a month of seeing her 16th birthday.

We do this for Amanda and many others.  Most recently Robin Williams has become another victim of depression, mental health and suicide.  I can’t help but wonder what might have changed if he didn’t feel ashamed to say he was feeling depressed.

Here is more information about the program heard around the world and I hope you join in.  My video is all about this movement and serves as a direct challenge to people to light up purple in awareness of mental health issues.

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Amanda Todd Legacy Foundation and why they started the Light Up Purple campaign:

On October 10, 2013, the Amanda Todd Legacy started a campaign of awareness called Light Up the World Purple for World Mental Health Day.

World Mental Health Day has also been in existence since 1992 on the same date each year. This was also the date that my daughter Amanda Todd passed away. The awareness related to bullying and mental health is a worldwide campaign that is never ending but also needs so much advocating and awareness about. There are many people both young and old who are suffering the effects of depression and other effects of mental health. We want to decrease the potential for tragic stories.

It is hoped that communities and organizations would be able to support and participate in the PURPLE awareness campaign for World Mental Health Day on October 10th entitled Light Up the World Purple 2014. (WMH Day has been around since 1992 but many unfortunately don’t know this.)

Please click on the link of Light Up the World Purple – – to view the slideshow of last years photos in addition to a letter of explanation.

Light Up Purple is not limited to purple lights. Last year schools and businesses wore purple clothing, made purple ribbons and created purple activities. This is a time to get more involved in the discussions related to mental health in addition to bullying awareness. This in turn creates a safer world for not only our children but our adults.

Some of the places around the world included: LAX Airport pylons, Niagara Falls, CN Tower, Ottawa buildings, Austrailia, Science World, BC Place, and more. This year we hope to continue to get more people and places involved.

The World Federation of Mental Health has also supported this awareness campaign to get as many people to understand what mental health and wellness is all about.

I am requesting that your group or company would consider being involved with shining purple to help highlight Mental Health Awareness this October 10 2014

Thank you and I hope you take the challenge and light up purple on October 10 2014.  Have a great day.

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