How to lose a stalker on Twitter

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How to lose a stalker on Twitter

Ever had an annoying person follow you around the internet from social media site to social media site?  On social media sites like Facebook it is much harder for a stalker to find or see what you are doing as  the security features help ensure your account safety.  It’s not completely stalker proof, for instance, setting your posts and or images to public allows anyone to see & steal them.

One story that I recently read was how someone had created not only a fake profile on Facebook but used another persons complete information basically copying an entirely different account.  The woman had no idea that an account had been created using her name and information until she started getting hate mail with some containing threats of death.  It appeared that the fake account was being used to stalk and harass people all over the website and that messages containing hate speech against disabled children were being taken as serious and the post went viral.  The woman contacted the police to get help because she was concerned for her safety and there is now an investigation.  It doesn’t matter that the media & police both said the allegation of the hate posts using her likeness and name, people still believe it’s her and are still sending hate mail.

Which social media site is safer than others?

In my opinion it is Facebook now.  I wasn’t always a fan of Facebook’s security measures but things changed and my account is more secure because of it, effectively letting me who decides who see’s my account at all or even tags my name.  It’s definitely not perfect and there are over 20% of over 1 billion people who have fake accounts but it’s a start.  It now appears that if you come across inappropriate posts and pages on Facebook, most are removed almost immediately.  The amount of hate pages, troll pages, child porn pages, bestiality pages, pro-rape pages, pro-domestic violence pages, are falling by the numbers.  I believe that as more people tell Facebook how they want their protection while using the site, that they will in fact listen and the safety features will become better.

Which social media site is not as safe as others?

In my opinion, it’s Twitter.  We’ve all seen the rantings and ravings of users on Twitter which might be offensive to some and, if you are like me, you wonder how far is too far.  You have 140 characters but a lot of damage has been done with far less.  Twitter appears to have less safety controls which do not allow users to stay safe and especially in the case of stalkers, who create account after account to attack innocent users of the site, repeatedly abuse users.

So how do you get rid of stalkers or at least lose them for awhile?

Well on Twitter I have recently done an experiment.  I wanted to see just how hard it was to get an account suspended and these are my personal findings.

  • If you have a stalker on Twitter and they are sending out nasty posts tagging your account, simply start responding in worse fashion so the post will be reported.
  • If you respond to the stalker on Twitter by reporting the post targeting you, your followers will be able to see it and respond, perhaps confused and thinking it is not you who is posting.  Your true followers will be concerned and will report the account as hacked.
  • If you want the post to go down completely, then report your own posts using many aliases as your stalker does.  If you report your own post enough, the original hate filled post targeting you, will be removed if they deem it as inappropriate.
  • Make sure to let your friends, family and co-workers know that you are doing this so they can start reporting the post as well.  If Twitter didn’t find the initial post your stalker sent offensive, if you post a very nasty response, they will & that is exactly what you want.

So why go for Suspension instead of deleting your account on Twitter?

This is an easy one.  If you get your account suspended then your user name cannot be used by anyone ever again.  It remains in limbo until and if they decide to remove the suspension.  If you delete an account, your stalker can make an account using your old user name and then use it to pretend they are you by impersonation.  Between the two I go for suspension and that way my name stays safe.

How did the experiment turn out?

Well let’s say that I have been dealing with 3 stalkers who have been very active all over social media and who have been impersonating me and or just stalking and harassing me.  I’ve reported the many hate filled posts, some calling me a child murderer or worse, and while Twitter removed the more alarming and defaming posts, there were many which they did not.  To get around that, the 3 stooges simply stopped tagging my name in the posts or at least my user name on Twitter.  Twitter said they didn’t find them offensive because they did not include my Twitter name.

I was dealing with daily new fake accounts being set up targeting or pretending to be me and who were following every person who followed me or whom I followed and then posting horrific lies.  It seems as quick as I managed to get one of the fake accounts removed they created a new one with a variation such a number or changed letter.

I was kind of concerned what might happen if people started to believe what was being posted about me so I started to think about the suspension thing.  I decided that I wanted to save my name but remove my account safely so that no one else could spew lies and hatred about me.

I responded to the stalkers comments and people began to report it for harassment or hacked account.  This is what I wanted.  I reported the accounts over and over again using different info and asked some of my awesome friends to do the same.  Everyone knew that what I had responded with was not what I would say and agreed this was the best way for me to get rid of the 3 stooges if only for a little while.  This is only a small sample of the usernames I have registered and got suspended to protect myself.

My account @djbewy was the first to shut down with a suspension I helped to achieve.  There were so many targeted attacks on my account to my followers that I decided it was best to shut it down.  It took only a day or so but that account was suspended and my user name can never be used again.

My account @Scream4Justice was the next to go down.  This is an account which I use for my personal use and also to tweet for two syndicated TV Shows.  The 3 stooges saw that I was posting for the shows and decided to attack not only that account but also both shows and create a large number of fake and impersonating accounts using my posts, name and a variation of the user name.  Their goal was to pretend to be me and to try and destroy my character.  That failed.  What it did do was prove their character and it didn’t appear to be something to be proud of.  On this account many of the fellow tweeters for the show were followed by the 3 stooges and then sent private direct messages warning them about me personally.  So many followers asked what was going on and all agreed that the person who contacted them was mentally ill & stalking me.  So I got it suspended by responding to tweets which I was tagged in and again asked people to report the post so the account would be suspended.  That took one day.  The name is safely off the radar and all the followers are no longer being targeted.  Many followers expressed concern over their safety when these people were able to send them messages and then began to get stalked by these people because they agreed that they were stalking me.

I created @DJBeWytched which is another name I use for my online radio station.  I didn’t want the stalkers to be able to use my other name online.  I started posting and within seconds the 3 stooges found this new account as it was advertised on my other accounts which they were also watching or should I say stalking.  It took a day to get that account shut down and again the user name is safe and cannot be registered.

One of my followers was recently stalked by these 3 stooges and they went so far as to tell her I was a murderer of their daughter, that they had proof and that they spoke to the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police).  The woman and I have been friends for over two years since her daughter’s death.  I have been helping her to fight people who are also targeting and stalking both her and her deceased daughter.  For me personally this is the very lowest I would think a stalker would go to.  Not just one of them but all 3 of the 3 stooges are saying this and worse yet, deluding themselves into believing it.  The mother said she didn’t want to get involved and asked them to stop contacting her.  The didn’t stop contacting her and in fact one of the 3 stooges has been emailing her with these horrific allegations that the mother, the police and me, all know are completely false.  If the stalkers hope is to get people I know to believe the lies they spew, they don’t know my friends.

I have a couple other accounts on Twitter I have created, the 3 stooges targeted and am now reporting so my user name is not available.  It may be a little extreme but it is working.

So if your accounts are suspended are you back on Twitter?

Yes I am back on Twitter.  The account is being sent out to select followers and has been working awesomely for 3 months now.  It seems that if you do not use a user name anywhere near your own user names that the 3 stooges and other stalkers are not smart enough to track it down.  I believe this experiment has been a success.

My usernames for my business’ are safe and suspended, oh I mean, sound.  No one can use or abuse them ever again and that is a huge win for me.  I’m sure the stalkers will eventually figure out the new account and I will once again have to respond and report to my own post and shut it down but until then, I am enjoying the silence of no stalkers.

For me personally, I have a large amount of online stalkers who make video’s about me, blog about me, chat about me and more.  I would have to challenge each and every person to ask yourself why you are so quick to believe stalkers who are set out to tear a friend down and not slow enough to realize that the stalker is a stalker and is harming a friend.  Not everything you see in the media or online is true.  No one can live real life and record it minute by minute.

I am going to enjoy the time off on those Twitter accounts and more importantly the stalkers who use it.  I kind of feel sorry for these people because while they are adults, and in my case mothers, grandmothers and a single adult woman, they act like the worst kind of children.  What is it to you tell your children?  If you don’t like someone stay away from them.  If you don’t like what is happening then walk away from it.  So why are adults now acting like the very children they are telling not to bully?

All I can say is that there are some serious mental health issues and stalkers think they can get away with it.  It’s funny how stalkers online think they are doing something great by trying to dig up as much dirt as they can on someone and then, if they don’t find it, they create it, to tarnish a stranger.  No mentally healthy person would do that.  The fact that the stalkers create fake account after fake account on social media, and in particular, Twitter screams out that they are not well in the mind.  I don’t wish any of them ill will.  I wish for them to get the help they need so they feel better and less angry at complete strangers.  I think that if you wanted to have something to be angry for, you could easily find it offline.

In conclusion, I would say that the experiment turned out well and that I have learned how to keep myself grounded on the net while protecting my safety.  To some this may seem an extreme way to have done it but to others who are familiar with the situation, you may understand and approve.  Stay safe online and off.  Don’t be afraid to make changes in your life if you are being stalked.

If you feel a stalker has crossed a criminal line, please feel free to contact your local police department & make a report.  We all deserve to feel safe on the internet.

Have a great day and thanks for reading my blog.

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