Luka Magnotta: Guilty but wait he’s not done

Image: Luka Rocco Magnotta

Image: Luka Rocco Magnotta

Luka Magnotta: Guilty but wait he’s not done


That’s right the same nut job who killed Jun LIn, a student from China, has been found guilty by a court of his peers but apparently he’s not happy with the sentence he received.  It appears that Luka and his lawyer have now filed an appeal of the sentences received.

Not sure who Luka is?  Let me fill you in.

Luka Rocco Magnotta was born Eric Clinton Kirk Newman on July 24, 1982 and was a failed adult gay pornographic actor.  Luka started making his death video’s, first about animals he killed while recording, and then when he saw he could get the attention the failed acting career couldn’t give him, he decided to move on to bigger and better things which were going to give him the spotlight he wanted.  He started to plan a murder months before he actually carried it through per the court trial evidence (UK reporter received pre-mediation plan by Luka 6 months prior to murder) and staged the whole thing.  He invited Jun Lin, his ex partner, over to his apartment and once there, and this is where it is going to be graphic, decapitated Jun Lin after stabbing him with an ice pick multiple times.  Some people have claimed the man being stabbed is NOT Jun Lin but another unnamed victim of Luka’s.  Once he decapitated Jun Lin he then dismembered him, ate a small part of him, had an animal try to have sex with the dismembered corpse and then he had sex with the torso.  Once completed he packed up Jun Lin’s torso into a suitcase he then dropped outside at his garbage bin.   The suitcase was discovered by someone after they saw the brown fluid seeping through.

After Luka threw away his victim in the trash, well his torso anyway, he then sent body parts all over Canada and included political offices.  After Luka killed Jun Lin he is seen calmly walking in and out of his apartment building wearing his victims clothes.  In fact, at points, Luka stops to check his look out in the apartment lobby mirror near the exit doors.  He made many trips from that apartment after trying to clean up the mess the murder left behind.  Once he was done trying to “clean” up, he simply left the country.

Image: Luka Magnotta Trial Evidence

Image: Luka Magnotta Trial Evidence

Where did Luka go?

Luka flew to Europe in hopes of escaping what he did.  At one point he started using a dating site to try and get a room since he was on the run.  One gentleman took him in and was the one who eventually realized who his tenant was.  Luka was arrested and returned to Canada for processing.

Luka claims he was not sane but he was.

Of course any criminal will claim they are innocent, that is a given.  Luka takes it to a whole new psychopathic level when he claims he was not aware of what he was doing when he did it.  Really?  Scroll back up and read what he did.  Doesn’t sound crazy to me it sounds like a psychopath.  You can’t blame everything on having a mental health problem.  Some people really are born killers and Luka is one of those people.  His incessant need for attention brought him up from killing animals on the net to gaining world wide attention after one lunatic owner on a gore site decided allowing what he believed was a real “murder” video, on his site.

If only this was the US or another harsher country

I don’t believe that Luka would ever see the outside world again if he was convicted in a different country.  I am not in favor of the death penalty as a whole but in the case of 100% guilt, as his self recorded murder video shows, it should be a life for a life.  Canada doesn’t have the death penalty and the penal system is far behind what other countries are doing.  It’s time for Canada to change the laws to make sure the citizens are forever protected from such violent killers as Luka and others before him like Clifford Olson and Robert Pickton.  Until our laws change, the psychopaths will claim they were crazy when they were just bad people with bad intent.

Luka is appealing the decision, what a farce!

In case you missed it, he said he did it.  Now our society, who are for the most part, law abiding, have to handle more of our hard earned tax dollars going to fight a case which should never make it into another courtroom.  The only time guilty people claim they are not guilty is when they get caught but if they never get caught, they are never guilty.

If I were on the jury or the judge…

Life with no chance of ever getting out.  Registration with the sex offenders registry.  No education at our tax dollars to become a lawyer to defend psychopathic murder.  American judge? I would give the death penalty.  Just my opinion.

Jun Lin’s family deserve some peace.  Give it to them and leave the murderer in jail for the rest of his life where he belongs.

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