María E. Álvarez Salvatierra charged with elder abuse

María E. Álvarez Salvatierra was a caregiver in Bolivia for an 94 year old woman who was suffering with Alzheimer’s.  The woman’s son, Martin Peix, posted the graphic video of his mother being brutally beaten over and over again by a woman he and his family had placed trust in.

María E. Álvarez Salvatierra

María E. Álvarez Salvatierra beats a 94 year old woman she had been looking after for three years.

María E. Álvarez Salvatierra the monster within

Neighbors had spoken to Martin in the past to alert him to what they thought was abuse. For that reason, Mr. Peix installed an IP camera to watch what was happening between the paid caregiver and her client. What Mr. Peix saw alarmed and shocked him enough to call the police immediately.

The video below, was originally from the home and shows the brutality placed towards this senior citizen. No one expected this woman who was now 28 and had been with the family three years, to do something so horrible to a woman suffering with health issues.

María E. Álvarez Salvatierra

No senior should suffer in silence.

This is the video below and yes I know I repeated myself but I want to make sure you know it’s graphic and it will probably make you mad.


The accused is speculated to have seen the video on Mr. Peix’s Facebook account and said, “Kill me, take me to jail!”. This was her first job as a caregiver to a person with Alzheimer’s, however, she has previous experience with children and seniors.

“I was studying at night, I wanted to make a difference.” said María E. ÁlvarezSalvatierra

Today, the elderly mother has improved since the abuse and she looks in good spirits, although not directly talk about the beatings. The elderly woman is at the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s and does not even recognize her family.

María E. Álvarez Salvatierra was charged with abusing the elderly woman. No word on court or jail time.

María E. Álvarez Salvatierra

Elder abuse is wrong and should be reported. The abusers are criminals.

My thoughts

I hear about people abusing seniors all the time. It seems that younger people have forgotten who it was that built their countries up. The elders. They earned a position to be taken care of and not beaten down. My concern about the caregiver is did she abuse the others who were in her care, like the children and other elders? People abuse elders in various ways from physical abuse to stealing their money or using their credit card for purchases they are not aware of. I think jail time is the best time for the people who have no hearts and abuse our seniors. Seniors should be protected, not harmed.


Help for seniors being abused

En Espagnol (use a translator if you want the English version)

Mujer maltrata a anciana que padece de alzheimer (VIDEO)


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