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Mark Marek, owner of a gore site called, was arrested on a charge of Corrupting Morals in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on Tuesday, July 10, 2013 in connection to the video “1 lunatic 1 icepick” he allowed to be uploaded and shown on his site last year. The reason for the charge? Mark Marek knew the video he was allowing to be uploaded, was that of a real murder. Mr. Marek, 38, contests that he had the right to upload it and defends his action as trying to help the police out by posting it. Mark thought if he posted it, his members would know who the guy was and they would report it to the police.

Owner of site

Owner of site

The murderer, Luka Rocco Magnotta, recorded himself as he murdered, mutilated, dismembered and then had sex with the torso of Jun Lin his male friend. The video is extremely graphic and I have never been able to watch past the first 20 seconds. It is not for the faint of heart. I have been told by others who had the stomach to watch it, that it is like watching a horror movie except that there is no doubt this was real.

Why did Mark Marek upload it? Not to help the police. If he wanted to do that, he would have just sent them the link or better yet he would have gathered all info on a disc and presented it directly to the police. He did this for the attention he knew he would get when this came out. He did this for the money he thought would come with the upload and eventual media attention. He begged his members to donate to keep his server running because of all the hits he received when the news broke. Every month he continues to beg for money to keep his site running. I guess this did not provide him with the cash incentive he thought it would.

When this story broke, I was appalled at how a web site owner, like myself, could allow a real murder video to be posted on his site. At that time the main page featured a woman on a skewer over a fire pit. No warning to anyone that the site contains nudity and sexuality. If you have a site which you allow that content on, you must provide a splash warning or other warning that the site is for 18 years and older. He didn’t do that. I decided to look further into his site to see what this was about.

The content on the site is as it’s name says “gore” and that comes from around the globe. Over the last year or so I’ve had many heated conversations with Mark’s followers who believe that unless you watch people die, dying or dead every day on the web that you are sheep. According to mousedick or whatever his name was, the reason why people go to that site is to be reminded about how bad life really is. Really? In which part of the world? Not his own home country, Canada right?

I began to look deeper and found a ton of celebrities autopsy and other photo’s, including that of slain teenager, Selena, who was shot and killed by her fan club manager. Mark claims to own the copyright to all the content he posts but I know from speaking with Selena’s family friend that he did not. Currently they are seeking legal action against him as well.

Over the last year other tragedy has happened in Canada such as Amanda Todd who was just 15 when she committed suicide after being cyber stalked, cyber harassed, cyber bullied and bullied offline due to an online child predator. Mark Marek decided to upload what he claimed to be her autopsy image, fully nude, and then commented on the size of her clitoris claiming he was not sure she was a teenager. Did you get that? A 38 year old man who commented that her clitoris was too big for a child. I read his vile rants about what he condemned Amanda too, as if her death hadn’t been bad enough. I dug deeper.

I sent the naked photo’s which Mark proclaimed to be Amanda Todd, to the Edmonton Police and put several other people in touch with them as well who had seen their loved one on his site. I think that all of us were a part of the reason he was charged.

I made several Youtube video’s about Mark and allowing the Luka video onto his site and they received thousands of hits with just as many comments. Unfortunately many of the comments came from those who claimed to be from Mark’s site and were supporters. I decided to just change the comment setting to having to approve rather than having them leave their nasty comments on my wall.

I looked deeper into his site on a hunch about his preference for dead young girls and one page after another came up with dead children from infants to young adults. In the comment sections there were so many members who said they wanted to do something sexual to those children. Sexual things to children who had been raped, tortured, maimed and killed in the most horrific way. The comments were almost worse than the images. I felt so bad for not only the children but for their families.

Today I came across info that Mark Marek was finally charged with Corrupting Morals and for that I am glad. Mark Marek received an email withe the attached video which he reviewed and knowingly uploaded the video to his site for public viewing. Mark was remanded into custody on Monday July 15 2013 after coming in for an interview. More charges may be pending.

Staff Sgt. Bill Clark doesn’t think this charge has ever been done in Edmonton before and it in fact is rarely used. Perhaps they will change the law to catch up with the time.

Under the Criminal Code, anyone who “makes, prints, publishes, distributes, circulates, or has in his possession for the purpose of publication, distribution or circulation any obscene written matter, picture, model, phonograph record or other thing whatever” is guilty of corrupting morals.

Even Clark finds the site shocking and he is a seasoned police officer.

Mark was allowed out on $7500 bail and his passport has been revoked. He had made claims that he did not want to stay in Canada. When police found him he had visited the West Edmonton Mall and was carrying $18000 and his passport. Mark has been barred from accessing the internet as well.

mark and I have had many conversations on Youtube while he tried to defend his site but all included calling me a sheep and or looking through the world through rose tinted glasses. If I have been a part of the reason this man has been arrested, I am happy. I believe that because of many of us reporting every post to the police, that they had to do something. Thank you to everyone who did report. We make change by being change.

His so called not sick members sent me messages on Youtube telling me how they would do the same thing to me that Luka did to Jun Lin and then upload it back on to bestgore. The sick leader is gone now. What will the trolls do there? Will their site remain up now that the only admin is gone? Where will the money come from to keep the site up or for his lawyers? Who knows. I’m just glad he’s been arrested for what he did.

Yes trolls, I am a sheep with rose tinted glasses, I have a passport and no criminal background. You lose. I win.

4 comments on “Mark Marek: site owner is arrested”

  1. bics Reply

    Found them by accident. Thought it was about horror movies at first. They have an entire section on the Holocaust being a hoax. A very racist, delusional website. Surprised it still exists. I believe in facing reality, but I could never imagine posting certain pictures with their families in mind. Mark and the people who comment seem like pedophiles and racists (the worst kind – excited by rape, torture, murder). Hopefully, Anonymous will get around to exposing them after dealing with Isis. I’m against censorship. But I highly doubt Mark & fans would even care if it were their own loved ones posted all over the web.

    • BeWytched Reply

      thanks for the post. Yeah he seems to be pretty messed up and while there is a grim reality, it seems the site is more interested with mocking tragedy rather than learning how not to repeat it. The amount of images of naked children whom they claim are raped is disgusting. That is child porn distribution if nothing else. Porn because the people who enjoy it post what they would do. It’s sick. Yes ISIS and KKK are more important than this piglet site. I’m all for free speech but not to the extreme the site seems to go to. Thanks for the post.

  2. diana Reply

    that site is full of sick people! i HATE WHEN sickos of that site say they are “exposing reality”
    THEY BRING RAPE,MURDERS,BEHEADINGS,HANGINGD,BASICALLY VIOLENCE AND MAKE FUN OF DEAD PEOPLE! there was a man who was stripped naked and cut to pieces and the members commented on his penis size! whenever there is a photo of a dead woman who happens to be naked..they talk about having sex with her dead body. These people are sick. Sites like that attract the lowest scum of society

    • BeWytched Reply

      I agree with you. I have problems with Mark and his sheeples trying to tell people he is only showing what is really happening all around us and then allowing people to post about penis size or size of a child’s labia. It doesn’t surprise me that he allowed that on the site. I wonder how many of those people are predators and get off on watching other people’s pain and suffering. Luka Rocco Magnotto is not the only one to post those video’s on sites like Mark Marek’s so they have somewhere to show off their sick handiwork. Thanks for the post and have a great day.

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