Mark Marek pleads guilty for posting Luka Magnotta video

Mark Marek pleads guilty for posting Luka Magnotta video


Mark Marek leaves a courthouse with duct tape on his mouth and carries a sign saying, “Guilty of Canadian Thought Crimes”. Mark plead guilty to the charge of “Corrupting Morals”* and recommended sentence is 6-months in jail, 3-months house arrest and 30 days of community service.

Mark is the owner of a gore website containing images of extreme violence including rape of women and children. Mark considers himself a investigative reporter of all things gore. Mark had to approve a video to upload for all his users and chose to upload one he assumed was real so that his membership could help find the person in the video. A lawyer in the United States who viewed the video contacted Toronto police.

“I’ve seen thousands of videos, but there was no guarantee that it was real,” ~ Mark Marek

The video, better known as, “One lunatic, one icepick” contained graphic violence resulting in the death of Jun Lin, a Chinese university student in 2012. In this video, Luka Rocco Magnotta (born Eric Clinton Kirk Newman; July 24, 1982) stabs Jun Lin with an icepick many times, dismembers the body, encourages dog to have sex with corpse (Luka later kills the dog) and mails the body parts around Canada. Luka put Jun Lin’s torso into a suitcase and left at the garbage bin. The suitcase was found by someone who saw red-brown liquid coming from the suitcase. It was later discovered that not only did Luka kill Jun Lin but he left and re-entered his building several times, stopping at times, to admire himself in the mirror while wearing Jun Lin’s clothing.

Mark Marek chose to represent himself in the court case and in court admitted the video, “One lunatic, one icepick” was obscene. Mark chose to read a long statement defending his own actions going on to say that he will no longer speak about the case until he is in a country where he feels safe to discuss it.


Mark Marek left court in a show of defiance with a piece of duct tape across his mouth and holding a sign, “Guilty of Canadian Thought Crimes”.

Mark Marek posts gruesome video Luka Magnotta

Luka Rocco Magnotta – One Lunatic, One Icepick

Luka Rocco Magnotta is currently serving a life sentence in Canada for the murder and dismemberment of Jun Lin.

The video, Mark Marek chose to upload and not give on disc to police in Edmonton, was an important part of the case which put Luka away. After Luka murdered Jun Lin he fled the country and tried to move in with a man he met on a dating site in Europe. It was this man who is the reason Luka was found and then brought to trial. Luka sent the dismembered parts to the national headquarters of both the Conservative and the Liberal parties, as well as two Vancouver, British Columbia schools. At his trial he admitted to killing Jun Lin and to producing the video. His lawyers argued that Luka was not criminally responsible for his actions due to mental illness.

Mark believes the only reason he was charged was because he “happened to irritate a few people in high places”.

“I was just an inconvenient kind of investigative journalist, you could say, because that’s basically all I do. I just report on events that happen, and I add my own flair to it.”  ~ Mark Marek


Mark Marek posted video of Jun Lin

Jun Lin – Chinese University student victim of Luka Rocco Magnotto

In his ego based past statements he said he would have been “blown off” by the police if he had initially taken the video directly to them and didn’t post it for his membership. Even though he was not sure if it was real or not, he stated, he still decided to post it.
Mark had previously made comments that he had brought the information to the police’s attention but they had not paid attention. This is contradictory to the statement that he didn’t bring it to the police for fear of being “blown off”.

“I would have to live with that notion that there could be a potentially very dangerous person who had done this, committed this crime somewhere in our back yard. And I’m the only one who knows about it, and I do nothing about it. And he may be looking for another victim right now, and I have the power to potentially stop him.” ~ Mark Marek

Bill Clark, Edmonton City police Staff sergeant, said the investigation was “complex” which lasted more than a full year and which subsequently led to the charge against Mark Marek.

According to Sgt. Clark, this was the first time that the “Corrupting Morals” was laid by their police department, and admitted having no knowledge of the Criminal Code involving this section.

My thoughts:

Some of you know that I have followed this case since it’s inception and this is a happy ending for me. I have spoken personally to Mark Marek and also Sgt. Bill Clark about this case. In fact, at one point Mark had been banished from any internet access and was using a friend to upload things to his site. According to the police this was a violation and he was arrested for violating bail conditions. During his arrest he had thousands of dollars on his body, his passport and he was planning to flee. Mark has continued to state his innocence and continues to claim to be a victim of the Criminal Code. Mark claims his rights as a journalist were violated. I disagree.

I believe both Mark Marek and Luka Rocco Magnotta are both where they need to be and that is locked up away from society who do not see death as entertainment.

I will not post his website here but if you want to check it out to verify just how sick ti is, google Mark’s name.

I reported the many images of nude children on his site which he claimed were raped and tortured. His users freely stated they would like to rape the children again or murder them again, going into great, disgusting detail. Mark posted what he claimed was an autopsy image of 15-year-old Amanda Todd and went on to state that her “clitoris” was larger than a girl who was her age. My question then and now is how does a man in his 30’s know what size a 15-year-old girl’s clitoris is? In fact, how does he know that about the other children he posted in graphic detail describing their rape and torture? I think now as I did then, that Mark may have a history with children, sexually. No grown man, I have spoken to, has said they would ever know that information let alone would feel okay to post it on the image of what they claim is a deceased child.

Mark will always claim to be a victim yet he is okay with putting victims of real crime, up on his site for entertainment purposes and to allow his users a way to express sexual desire for children and murdering them.

Kudo’s to the Canadian justice system for doing the right thing. Now to change the laws to update to this Millennium.

More info:

*Corrupting Morals:

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  1. merle48 Reply

    I found this difficult to read because of the disturbing content. Mr. Marek is a shady character who appears to derive pleasure from what he writes and discloses, and that is also very disturbing. A strange hobby and subject to be an “investigative journalist for?”

    • BeWytched Reply

      I agree. Very strange. He really dislikes me though since he attempted to harass me after following the initial story and publicly stated he was dictating to a user of his site he was not supposed to have any access to . He was arrested for breech of bail conditions and was found with a ton of money and a passport. I’ve been following this since the beginning and it’s all bad. I tried to not use many images of the horrific event. No one needs to see those now. Thanks for posting.

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