Memories, Conspiracies and 9/11

As we approach the anniversary of September 11 once more people have started up with the conspiracy theories.  What I am about to write is my own opinion and I apologize ahead of time if it offends you.

If you believe that the American President knew what was going on and helped plan it, you need to give your head a shake and ask if you are spending too much time watching consipiracy theory type movies.  This is reality and I wonder how a country’s own people can even question whether or not their own government would plan it let alone do it.

Yes I know we were all shocked on that day.  I personally watched the second tower when it was hit by the plane on TV which had just announced the first plane crash into the first tower.  I had to make sure that what I was seeing was real and not a movie one of my kids had started watching.  My brother’s look on his face told me that it was far from being a movie.

I am a Canadian for those who do not know but I consider the USA a close personal friend.  When this happened I felt the pain of what was going on.  The smoke.  The flames.  Later the people choosing their own fate over facing the one that was quickly enveloping the buildings.  It became a media frenzy with pictures being shown over and over again.  I kept my own kids home from school because we were worried Vancouver was next.

I spent many days crying for people I would never know, yet knowing them in the most personal way.  I was angry and wanted justice for all those who were lost and injured.  Like many people I began to look at my own neighbors wondering if they were part of the terror cells we were warned over and over about.

The sky went silent.  That was one of the most profound things for me.  The airport flight path was over our home and the rumble we had become used to over the years suddenly was silenced.Borders closed and suddenly even Canadians were considered possible terrorists.

Relying on news programs for information about the attacks, I switched from one to another as each became more of a ratings grab rather then a news agency. It made me angry to see that the major channels like CNN now had created not only a special splash screen for the attacks but a theme song as well. Each news channel would show the same heart breaking images and it became too much for many people, to watch. In my own mind, these were people and not objects. Their lives meant something and I felt it very disrespectful to see the most intimate moments over and over again. This was not a movie. This was real. They were real people. I stopped watching TV other than for an hour or two a day as I did not want to see the sadness or be angered by the media’s handling of the event.

The day the attacks happened we were all in shock. I think in North America we somehow didn’t think this could have really happened. Somehow it must have been a mistake. It had to be over sea’s. The day people realized it was real they also started to question how this could have even happened to the USA. After all the US is deemed to be a super power and seems to have a civil citizenship for the most part. Some accepted what they heard about it being Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Some started to think other things.

Maybe the day it happened it was all planned by the government. Maybe somehow the serving president and his administration were to blame for killing their own people. Maybe they prepared the terrorists by providing them with arms prior and training. Maybe this was targeted by their own country men and women. Maybe.

I have never believed that this could have been the work of the government. I do not think that any civilized government like this one would have taken the time to bring down their own men, women and children. To me that is insane. I am not saying it couln’t have happened that way but I am saying there is no way that is the way that it did happen in this country.

When something severely bad happens we always look, as humans do, for a reason and someone to blame. If we cannot find a reason we are satisfied with, we start to think of what else it could be. Conspiracy theories abound only because the people are not given satisfactory answers to their questions. I believe that if the government was more open with it’s own people, that these theories would never have started but then again not everyone would believe what they are told and would still be left to wonder.

It is now eleven years that it happened and people still wonder. Stop wondering and remember all those who died that day. Remember their tears, voices, pictures and devastated family members and friends on a desperate search for someone they would never see again. Remember all those brave men and women who helped in the recovery and rescue. I would love to see September 11 become a day given to all those who lost their lives and not to all those who would rather think about why they did.

I do not look at what happened on that day as a media event which deserved a special splash screen or it’s own theme music. I do not wonder if a president and it’s elected body in a civilized country would kill their own people just to go to war and cause a depression years later. I believe some very bad people did a very bad thing and for that I will never forget the day the sky went silent and filled with angels.

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