Mentally unwell seniors act like children

Mental health issues can cause seniors to act like children who bully on a playground. These senior citizens have raised their own children, may even have a grandchild, and now are seeking a new hobby. Welcome to “When mentally unwell senior citizens attack”.

Mental health issues are a very real issue and, in my experience, there are some very mentally ill people using the internet and, in particular, social media websites. These mentally unwell people will latch on to a victim and not let them go, in some cases for years. I’m not sure why mentally ill people use the internet as their own playground they can freely bully people online.

Mentally unwell people will latch on to those, like me, who are talking about their past, their present and their future. Mentally ill people will use your life to get something in theirs that they are missing. They dislike you because you are happy. The mentally unwell people will use all forms of social media to bully online and claim their victim is doing things they aren’t.

It’s easy to see a mentally unwell person online

Just look for the people who are constantly targeting others online for things like their own past horrific child abuse and call them worse than a serial killer. The more content they create about me, or any other victim, shows that they are seriously mentally unwell.

In my own case, I’ve been targeted by a very mentally unwell mother who is past age 55 and able to eat off a senior’s menu at Denny’s restaurant and others. Her children are grown and gone so I would assume that is why she is stalking me so ferociously. I am including some public YouTube video’s showing how mentally ill she really is.

This woman believes my father, who raped/beat me and his other over 20 kids, is the victim and the baby he raped, was the abuser. Mental health issues abound about that way of thinking.


This image is one from a video below, targeting me and using my screen name. The video includes my full legal name and a periscope live stream, I didn’t giver permission for. Image source:

Is this woman a supporter of paedophiles and other child predators?

I believe so at this point as she is fixated on my story of rape by my father and his friends. (See my story at top of page). It seems that if a woman says a man raping his baby is a victim, she supports child abuse and child rape. You can see that in the video below. My family didn’t disown me. I have never allowed my father to be around my children or grandchildren and have not seen him for over 25 years. It’s disgusting to me that a mother could say that about a baby being raped. Really shows her support for pedophiles and other child predators.

The video below is a recording of a live broadcast I did on my Periscope channel and which she used her phone to record and upload. She did a ton of editing to get it just right. I call that an obsession. I did not give her permission to record and or upload my stream from my channel on Periscope. I have reported the video for Privacy issues since my legal name and image is being used without my permission.

You can judge for yourself if this content is appropriate for such a senior woman. You can see she is severely mentally unwell. Please feel free to report the channel and video(s) if you don’t think they should be there.

Please check out the channel art and see if you would like to subscribe

Here is her other video:

Screen recording of my Facebook live video’s as I respond to her and another woman she had involved in stalking. Please do check out the channel and subscribe if you agree

Mentally unwell isn’t an excuse to act like a child

Although some people claim to have things like bi-polar disease, Hashimoto’s disease or other mental health issue, it’s not an excuse for behaving badly. In the case of the woman who is posting these video’s and stalking me on all social media, the police spoke to her and said she was very mentally unwell and had an obsession with me. The officer recommended her police department check on her with their mental health team.

My thoughts

People will act the way they do, whether online or off, but it’s what they do online that is their one and only claim to fame. ¬†Somehow, in a mentally unwell person’s mind, they need to be in control of others lives, they wish they could have but don’t. I guess obsession is the highest form of flattery, in a very unwell way.

I feel sorry for the woman who is a senior and creating these video’s and stalking my life, my family and friends so she will have something to do. The same woman is an Islamophobe and believes that Muslims are coming to North America to behead every person after they rape all the women. Not sure if she realized that Muslims have been here for a very long time and they aren’t beheading people, in fact, the people who are beheading people in North America are caucasian men who are Christian or no belief.

I wish you the very best of days. Thanks for checking out the blog. I’m working on adding some things to this site, so keep an eye out.

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