Merrick McCoy: Don’t judge me had no choice

“Don’t judge me had no choice” Chilling words left on a Facebook status when Merrick McCoy murdered his 19 month old daughter Mia and shot himself.

On November 26 2013 Mr. McCoy passed away ending any chance of justice for Mia. So why did he do it? It appears that Kim, baby Mia’s mom, and Merrick separated due to their personal issues. The week before the murder of baby Mia, Merrick had been involved with Kim in a domestic violence incident.

It appears from looking at Merrick’s still wide open FB account that there were little to no signs of the impending murder/suicide. What is visible are two images which both contain guns and in one case many guns as shown below.



The profile shows that Merrick’s interests lay in motorcycles and cars. Mia was in some images with her father Merrick.



Merrick appeared to love his daughter as shown in this image:


Merrick appeared to love cars and bikes too as shown in these images:





Merrick made posted this image of himself and another child which he claimed was also his. The comments were a little alarming and show his view on the mother of his daughter Mia:






The obvious question is if he was angry at the baby’s mother, why shoot the baby? In the case of domestic violence, many parent’s will use their children as leverage or a threat of harm unless their partner does what the abuser wants them to. You have to wonder why kill a child to get back at a partner you no longer see eye to eye with. Children are not leverage or property, they are humans.

What Merrick did was prove a deadly point to his ex wife in the worst possible way by murdering their child. Mia was innocent and unfortunately will not be the last innocent child who will be murdered by their parent out of anger. There were signs that Merrick was violent and I don’t believe he should have had access to his daughter from what i saw on his Facebook account alone. Was there a restraining order on Merrick? Why did he have access to his child if he was involved in a domestic violence crime the week before? Questions we may never know the answers to.

If you suspect someone is harming their partner or child, please do something so we have one less Mia who dies because of spite and anger.

RIP Mia you were a beautiful little angel here on earth and now you will spread your tiny wings and fly. Please let you mommy know you are okay.


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