Mother tormenting baby going viral…is false! Stop Sharing it!

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Mother tormenting baby going viral…is false! Stop Sharing it!

This is the third controversial video to be tossed around Facebook as though it is just for our enjoyment. I was alerted from a Facebooker on my page about this newest viral video. I have looked at the video for a few seconds and couldn’t look at it any further so I started to dig.

I found that this video, although seemingly abusive, is actually part of a very controversial type of yoga and that this baby is not being harmed…apparently. The thing is that most parents would never do this to their own children and are stunned when they see these types of video’s circulating on all forms of social medial

In this latest shock video, a woman can be seen flipping a newborn baby around, swinging the baby boy from his one limb, like a tiny rag doll. The issue is that this is not the only one of these types of controversial yoga and it won’t be the last.

Someone shared the link to the video on Facebook,making false claims and saying the woman in the video calls the baby an “idiot” and that the baby actually likes it.

(WARNING: This video is EXTREMELY graphic and disturbing. If you want to look at it yourself, please feel free to do a search. This is one screen capture of the video to prepare you for what you will see.)


The video, shared nearly 90,000 times, is captioned,


This video is not an abuse video but part of a new form of controversial baby yoga nor are the FBI looking for the woman pictured in the video. If people were to ask the mother if she thinks she is harming her infant she would say no that she is not harming the child.

This controversial form of baby yoga is gaining in popularity in Russia where this video was recorded. This is not a new form of yoga nor is this the first video which went viral of this topic claiming child abuse and endangerment. There was a similar video in 2011 which is still on YouTube today.

(WARNING: This video is EXTREMELY graphic and disturbing. Some people may get angry but keep in mind the baby apparently is not being harmed.)

Why do people choose to do this new and controversial form of baby yoga? According those who practice this it increases blood flow to the joints, making them think this will lead to bigger and stronger babies. In a recent interview, Lena Fokina, a baby dynamics yoga guru, said she “…doesn’t recall any accidents ever happening with the babies”. In fact parents who do this with their babies state the babies walk earlier and swim earlier. Lena Fokina, in an interview to the Daily Mail, said “The children often turn out to be early readers, singers, talkers, swimmers. It also makes their hands stronger. We are humanists and we don’t do anything wrong.”

My youngest granddaughter is almost a month old and I know my daughter would never do anything similar although she is up on all the latest parenting techniques. To be honest I am glad because I don’t think I could sit by and not say anything while the baby was flipped around. I was always taught that you need to protect the head and neck and in these types of video’s, all the swinging around with no support honestly makes me cringe.

Maybe this is good for the babies but who knows. I guess we can’t be too quick to judge.

This is another example of how false things go viral and how we help the story to grow like pinnochio’s nose. If we first do a Google search for the video name or comment, we may find out that the video is not real or that the image we are asked to share in awareness of a poor abused child or that of a child dying from cancer…are not true and that their parents actually have no idea the image is being used by trolls for attention. I have learned to not share things on Facebook which appear controversial and to check them. If I find they are false, like this one, I am quick to let people know, including the person who contacted me about it.

My suggestion to all readers and users of all forms of social media, educate yourself before you become part of a troll train meant to solely upset and not do anything to stop it. You know sharing the images in support of anything doesn’t actually do anything for the cause itself. That takes you going to the websites or offline sites and making donations of time and or money. If you want to help then make sure you know it’s a real cause with real people and you can really do something about it other than share or like an image or video. A good clue that it is actually fake is the original poster doesn’t allow comments or never responds.

Thanks to CS on Facebook for sending me the link to this video going viral Facebook! You rock because you cared enough to check it out!


Hell, I can’t fathom swinging any human being from a single limb, because it seems full on bat-poo crazy!

What do you think of ‘baby dynamics/extreme developmental gymnastics/baby yoga’? Tell us in the comment section below!

23 comments on “Mother tormenting baby going viral…is false! Stop Sharing it!”

  1. Jane Reply

    Apart from the obvious swinging around which I cannot believe is safe let alone good for the baby, the way she tossed it onto the bed when her phone rang was not the act of a loving parent. I am horrified that this is legal.

    • BeWytched Reply

      I have to agree with you. To me, this is a case of child abuse of the worst kind. Doctor’s tell us to protect the baby’s head and neck which is definitely not being done in this yoga. You have to wonder why they even record that and upload. Makes me wonder if the mother’s are attention seeking. Thanks for your post.

  2. trish Reply

    Bullshit is all i need to say to anyone stupid enough to even attempt this on a newborn. The baby in the video is audibly shrieking which indicative of pain. Not enjoyment in the slightest. And isnt the point of yoga a total body feeling of well being? This baby crying out does not have a feeling of well being but IS in fact being abused regardless of what the mother thinks she is doing. You are never to shake a baby and do you think all of that jostling back and forth isnt doing possibly that? Damaging his brain. And have you ever heard of something called failurecto thrive? When a newborn doesnt feel protected by its care takers? This is not protecting your newborn. You dont, try out shit on a newborn human!!!! That is stupidity on a whole new level right there.and i will continue to share share and share that video. That woman is in fact abusing that child according to child abuse guidlines in the USA. Maybe Russia doesnt give a shit if you treat your newborn like a guinea pug on something as stupid as yoga but Americans will see it as abuse. Possibly dislocations of his shoulders and hips could take place. Is it worth trying out newborn yoga? I dont think so.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    This is cruelty of the highest order, a mother is supposed to be carer for their child n if need be give her life to protect it from anything that would cause it to suffer in any way…….this to me is not a mother but someone who had a child n does not care for his/her well being….Scum is to good a word……

    • BeWytched Reply

      I agree with you there. As a mother and grandmother, I just don’t get it. Doctors tell mothers to protect the child’s head and neck not to toss it around like a doll. I feel very sorry for all the babies who are forced to go through this. For me, this is child abuse. Thanks very much for the post. Have a great day.

  4. shanimarie Reply

    I actually know of an incident where a mother swung her baby around like this at a week or two weeks old. The baby was six months old before anyone knew and was able to help it. It had healing broken arms and legs from being swung around at one to two weeks of age… So i just have to agree that seeing this woman in my home town get charged with child abuse, the woman in this video should b charged also. It’s not right that a helpless trusting tiny vulnerable person has to b subjected to such horrible acts… It just brings me to tears

    • BeWytched Reply

      I agree with you that this is child abuse. Children don’t seem to matter when it comes to some crazy things adults decided is “good” for them. Thanks for your post x

    • BeWytched Reply

      I agree. I think of this as child abuse since the child can’t tell the adult to stop because it’s hurting. Every new mother who saw this video had the same reaction and thought this mother is harming the child. Thanks for your comment and have a great day.

  5. Anonymous Reply

    I just cringed when I watched it. The baby was crying, obviously the baby does not feel safe or secure. I feel so bad for this baby, the baby cannot tell her to stop. I hope she is not doing any brain damage to this poor baby!

    • BeWytched Reply

      You have the same sentiments as the rest of the sane people who feel the same way. In my opinion this is child abuse since the child can’t say no or tell them it hurts. Doctor’s teach people to protect a new born’s head and neck. My daughter pointed out that no other animal on Earth treats their young this way. Does this make us worse than animals for the inhumane we treat our children? I think so at times. Thanks for your comment. Have a great day.

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  7. lucie Reply

    Put me in a room for 5 minutes with this Tortuous bitch I would fucking kill her. Who gives her the right to play god with this innocent trusting newborn who wants to be held and feel safe not thrown around like a Kettlebell. Most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen im so angry right now

    • BeWytched Reply

      I was just as angry when I saw this video. I see it as child abuse since the baby is forced to do it and can’t say no. Thanks for your post and sharing your feelings Lucie. Have a great day.

  8. VALERIE Reply


    • BeWytched Reply

      Hi Valerie. Yes this really disturbed me too. Poor baby can’t tell them they like it or it hurts. Thanks very much Valerie for your heartfelt comment. x Congratulations on your new grandson. I have five grand children and the youngest was born on September 11 last year. They are blessings and grow so fast.

  9. Anonymous Reply

    This is absolutely wrong, abusive, dangerous for not only the babies brain but arms and legs, this can and will cause damage to the child’s joints and issue to the neck, this should be illegal and these people should be arrested. This child isn’t even close to being developed enough for the body to control and repair tissue damage that is being caused. The child is crying for god sakes. People are more than ignorant they are so closed minded. I am more than certain if you do this in front of any doctor he or she will say this can not happen! To all those who believe this is ok I feel bad for you and any children you might have.

    • BeWytched Reply

      I agree with you. It’s controversial for a reason. Any doctor would frown at what they do because they know it’s dangerous for the baby. If they had research of 20+ years showing the benefits, that might be something some people could accept but they don’t. Even if they did, I would still not do it or think it’s okay for the baby since, unlike other forms of exercise, people can tell you if they want to do it or not. How does a newborn tell their mom that their joints are sore from being swung around? Thanks so much for commenting and have a great day.

  10. Marta Reply

    What a piece of shit this women is. Baby not developed yet and she can do harm to the brain., etc…. This lady needs to join a circus and train herself to flip around!!

    • BeWytched Reply

      I agree. This form of Yoga is controversial and should not be allowed. The baby didn’t have a say in what the mother has done. Sad thing is this is not the first video of the same behavior. There are many on YouTube. Thanks for your comment Marta and have a spectacular day.

  11. Renee Porten Reply

    It is controversial because it is NOT SAFE!!! Anyone who knows anything about an infant and the fragility of their brain can see that! Can you say shaken baby syndrome? There was a lot more than just swinging that baby around it was sick!! As a graduate of child development, and a person who has worked with people with injuries and disabilities all my life, I can tell you…this can not be allowed to happen. Like it or not, it is abuse.

    • BeWytched Reply

      I agree with you. My daughter is studying to become a midwife and just had her third child. She agree’s that it is abuse as well. Thanks for the comment Renee.

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