Mother’s, Father’s, Grandparents: New online bullies

Mother’s, father’s, grandparent’s and other role model in children’s lives, are now the new online bullies. The offline bullying involves one person tormenting another relentlessly, culminating in some sort of physical assault, cheered on by a group of followers. Some followers don’t agree with the bully but can’t say anything for fear they become their next target. Some followers do say something and do become the next target. Most of the “sheeple” never say a word and watch as someone is beaten.


Those in children’s lives should be role models of good behavior and not become the bully they tell their child to stand up to.

Online Mother’s, father’s, grandparent’s and other role models need to practice what they preach

Adults in children’s live usually tell them to tell someone if they are being bullied offline. Adults tell their kids that if someone is bullying them, they should stand up to their bullies. Adults tell their kids to just take care of the problem themselves. If you are the bully, why would your child ever say anything to anyone? How do they explain that the adult role model in their life is not someone they trust because they see what their adult role model does? If you tell the kids in your life to do something, shouldn’t you practice what you preach? If you say bullying is wrong, then it’s wrong.

Adult role models aren’t acting very adult these days

It doesn’t matter where you go today on the internet, you are bound to run into another person who simply doesn’t like you because of the way you look, the person you love, the color of your skin, your ability or disability or even the god or goddess you choose to preach to or not. Not everyone will like you and that’s okay. To think every person should like us would to be narcissistic and that would be wrong, especially as an adult role model to a child.

Adults online have become the bullies who tormented others on the school ground, except their victims have nowhere to go. If you were bullied only offline, where they wouldn’t research your life and post every word about you, things would be better, but the behavior is far worse than any offline bullying because you can’t shut off your internet and step away from the wide world web.


If you worry your child is being harmed by cyberbullies, how do you think adults feel who are tormented far worse? Be a role model, not part of the problem. Image: Getty Images Illustration

Adult role models target weaker individuals on social media

There are many stories around the globe of the culmination of what adult bullies can do to others they have never met and have no real offline connection with. There are many people who took their lives because of the incessant online bullying by adults. They enter social media platforms and encourage people to commit suicide. They don’t care about the person or who will miss them when they are gone. They are unaware of the person’s offline life and who love them. Some of these people actually go so far as to start fake campaigns to help mentally unwell people and then realize the targeting graphic they post all over social media, remove it and then donate money to causes because they are guilty. If you feel guilty after, why do it now?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope: Think you’re safe there? You’re not.

While there are many online bullies who use Facebook, they are slowly being fazed out because Facebook is acting on these accounts set up to target others and make targeting pages.

Twitter and Periscope are changing policies as well in response to the outcry from users of other users harassing them either during their broadcasts on Periscope or by creating video’s showing your own video, speaking to the screen and calling out their victim’s name like mad people. If you are bullied on Periscope you can contact:


Bullies are everywhere and now the adults, who are role models, are teaching kids it’s okay to bully online.

Once a bully, always a bully

Bullying behavior had to be learned from somewhere. People are not born bullies. Children are not naturally bullies either, they learned it from an adult in their life. When people are allowed to be bullies offline, they think they can do it to others online, in an effort to pump their ego. Grown men and women who bully online then say they are mother’s, father’s and grandparent’s, scare me the most. Their kids have no chance if they have adult role models who bully others online.

Adults, close your mouths and open your ears to your kids and you might learn something

Kids are our best teachers so we should learn to listen to them. They ask the questions that need answering and they might even be able to teach the adults in their lives about how to treat others and what is not appropriate behavior. My grandson told me, when he was 5, that in his pre-school, they had a sign that says no bullies. I agree. No bullies would be wonderful in the world. Take an hour and listen to the kids in your life talking about the important things in their life. Perhaps the adults who cyberbully could ask their child what they think of their behavior? Okay I know that no bullying adult will ask their kids’s opinion because they wouldn’t like it. Listen to your children and you might learn a thing or two about a thing or two.

This is a bully free zone

No one and nothing people say or do to you or about you online is a reflection of the real you. The bullies online only do it because they are suffering with their own anger issues and you happen to become their unwilling target. On Periscope there are a lot of people who sit on your devices and watch video’s of people they don’t like and attempt to weakly bully. I’ve learned not to care and that nothing anyone says about me will affect me. I know who I am, just as you know who you are.

You won’t see bully type posts here because I remove them before they hit the page. This is a bully free zone.

If you are being bullied, please reach out. You are not alone and you do not deserve to be bullied anywhere, online or off. If you’re a child, speak to your parents or someone else you trust, or call the Kids Help Line. You aren’t alone.

For adults being bullied, there are laws in the United States, in many states, which say it’s illegal to ┬áharass people online by doxing etc. What is doxing? Doxing is sharing someone’s personal information, publicly, like your bank account info, your home or cell number which is unlisted, your address, your legal name etc.

For adults who are bullying and want to stop, there are many resources as well. Just because you are a bully now, doesn’t mean you will always be a bully. The choice is yours: to bully or not to bully.


Adults can stop bullying if they want to. What are you teaching your children when you bully others?

My thoughts

As a victim of online bullying, I can tell you that these people calling themselves role models in children’s lives, are not role models, they are failures because they don’t practice what they preach. If you tell a child not to bully others, or to report their own bullying, yet you bully others online, you are a hypocrite. I find these people who target others online, funny. No sane human being or adult role model of a child would participate in attacks to strangers online. If you don’t like someone or something online, why not just hit the X and move on?

As long as I am a target online, I will continue to stand up to not only my bullying experience from others and for others who may be going through online harassment by adult role models of children. Like Tom Petty said, “I Won’t Back Down” and neither should you.

Have a super day and thanks for reading my blog today. #StandUpToBullying


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