My Story

My Story

Abuse: No one deserves to be harmed by another


It shouldn’t hurt to be a child. Act don’t stop to consider the feelings of the adults. Kids do not have a choice and you can be their super hero.

My true story:

Abuse has a harsh and painful reality. People you may know, may be either being abused or being an abuser. If you think someone is being abused, please reach out to help them. Doing nothing is far worse than doing something.

Life experiences which can be joyful or full of pain. These are reader discretion advised for strong language, open discussion about my own experience with being sexually abused and descriptions of extreme violence. This is about my life.

Stories of my life.  Some of the stories will be painful to read as they deal with my severe abuse as a child.  My hope is that if you or someone you know has been in the same situation that this might help their healing journey.  We can do this one step at a time and take back our power. xxx

I used to be a cutter. No I am not ashamed

The best man I have ever known

Suicide: Yeah I’ve considered that

Metis and proud

Dad, the car and the gun

How does it feel to be abused

When breathing hurts

Who my father really is

Everyone have their own experiences growing up in our world. Some people are fortunate enough to have a great life experience, while others like me, will have a less than happy life experience.

The best way to get past something, is to face it

It’s not easy to face a bad background. Our hearts are forever damaged, shattered and chipped, but the more we learn to forgive ourselves for the self-hatred we feel, the more we start to heal and be whole. Once we are whole, we may have the opportunity to reach out to someone else and help them become whole too.

Chipped, damaged or shattered, we are all human and can heal

There were times in my own life that I thought I was as bad as my parents told me as a small child. I felt unlovable until one day I was proved wrong and learned to let the love in that was right there waiting. One thing I have learned in my life is that pain is temporary, wounds will heal and love heals a broken heart (with a little help from some strong glue). We are all human and we can all heal.



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The words almost every child abuse victim hears.

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  1. chenolan Reply

    bewytch me, you rock! i just found your page today and am very excited. i’m adding you to my resources page. your work on speaking your truth and enunciating some of the history or racism in canada is inspiring. thank you!!!

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