My thoughts on the new POTUS

Every time a  new president is seated in the United States, they sit with great honor and dignity knowing the job is one of the highest in the entire world and, realize that the people who elected them, are relying on him or her to keep their word made in the campaigns. This is the first time, I can remember, when a president-elect is very negative on social media and who refuses to use the account set up for official tweets by the President of the United States, which leads me to wonder, if he will not listen to those who he is working with and who have done the job for many years, then who will he listen to?

Four years into the unknown

The election was a hard-fought one which saw sides of those running for the highest job in the United States. The Americans I spoke to say that they really never had a true choice. Many American’s voted for President elect Donald Trump because he was brutally honest and drew drama to every speech he gave. Both sides played dirty and this was the most heated debate for POTUS (President Of The United States) I can ever remember seeing. If anything, the debates were “entertaining”. I don’t remember this much drama for any other election.

Whether or not you like President elect Donald Trump, he is the new head of one of the super powers in the world. The big question is what will the next four years be like for the President and the people he serves. My hope is that the people get what they want and deserve. I hope that jobs really are brought back, taxes lowered and that peace comes to my American friends. Am I concerned with the new President? To be honest, yes I am, but I also respect that he is the man in charge and that my opinion doesn’t count.

Why am I concerned about the new POTUS?

His past performance targeting pretty much anyone who gets in his way and who disagrees with him. Will he target world leaders? Hmm well even before he’s doing the job, he is attacking other world leaders, world organizations and even those agencies in the country he will serve. He has promised not to give up his personal Twitter account because he has more followers than the official POTUS account has. Numbers may not be always correct. Look at his real followers as opposed to the fake followers, which are bots and are bought.  Are his numbers right?

Donald Trump Real Twitter Audit showing both Real and Fake followers


Donald Trump Twitter Audit showing Real and Fake Followers

President Obama aka @POTUS Real Twitter Audit showing both Real and Fake followers


President Obama aka @POTUS Twitter Audit showing Real and Fake Followers

Donald Trump Real Followers vs Fake followers: His listed followers, per Twitter: 20.2M of that Real 13642088 Fake 6419806


as @ 2017-01-17

POTUS Twitter:  13.6M Real 9,738,855 Fake 2,359,101


as @ 20170117

One thing I notice is that one-third of President elect Trump’s followers are fake as are President Obama aka POTUS. I also notice that while Mr. Trump is very active on Twitter with over 13K tweets, President Obama has a mere 346. Now I wonder what would happen to the account if it was used to speak with the people the account holder is responsible for? I think the account would explode in a good way if there were good posts there telling the people what changes will be made to help them keep their homes, their jobs and their freedom as guaranteed by the constitution. Maybe President elect Trump should consider using the account since it was made just for the very office he is going to take in just a few days? It’s not defeat to use the maintained stream meant for the highest office in the United States and to not use your own personal account until you are no longer president.

To me it seems like there is a struggle to come with the very elected officials that the great people of the United States and I wonder just how much will actually change and how much will actually stay the same or change for the worse. I have many great American friends who just need some help and hope. I hope this new president is able to give them just that.

I support the decision my American friends have made and I will support the new president. I may not agree with his stance on a lot of things, but it’s unfair to prejudge someone before they are given a chance, like they did to President Obama. Fighting will not solve the problem but perhaps learning to shut your mouth and just listen sometimes, will.

Peace to my American friends and I hope that America continues to be great. For the record, I never thought the United States was in bad shape or that it wasn’t great before.

Have a super day and thanks for reading my blog.


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