New England Patriots should thank Lady Gaga

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of any sport with the exception of perhaps basketball, so I found it interesting that Lady Gaga was going to perform at the halftime show for the Super Bowl in 2017. I got a little excited to be honest because I have seen her in concert before and she is super amazing. So I was expecting this performance at the Super Bowl to be super and I got what I wished for.

The show itself or rather the game, was kind of boring in the first-half however, Lady Gaga brought the whole thing to life with her performance. Well it’s true that she did not jump from the top of the roof all the way down as it appeared on television and that part had been redone somehow there were drones which lit up the colors of the flag behind her prior to the jump. That was pretty amazing. I actually thought that this perhaps was the arena and that certain fans had been given these little lights to hold up at a certain part but it has come to light that these were actually drones. Pretty cool.

When I watch Lady Gaga jump down from the top of the arena or rather what I thought she had done and then I watched her drop down on the cables I thought this is truly a Lady Gaga show and the football game was pretty much you know maybe the opening act. Lady Gaga’s entire performance did not let me down and anyway. From the moment that she sang the American national anthem to when she started off with Arlo Guthrie song This Land Is Your Land, she made a huge statement. In the first song I found she said, she is proud to be an American and proud of where she lives. In the second song it spoke about how the land from coast to coast from Shore to Shore from border to border is all of The Americans This Land Is Your Land. The bite from the second song was that Arlo Guthrie wrote that song because he didn’t agree with the American national anthem.

When Lady Gaga landed on the pillar and begin to sing again you knew that this was going to be awesome. She did not lip-sync she’s saying and that is amazing to me. Everything that this woman does she does from her heart and her vocals Express that. What you saw at the halftime show in 15 minutes is what you would be guaranteed to see and then some at an actual Lady Gaga concert. My recommendation is that if you get an opportunity to watch her in concert that you go. I’m telling you this will be great bang for your buck.

Many artists today do not go all out with an entire performance on the stage but Lady Gaga is a true performance artist. When I saw her in concert a few years ago she had so many things going on and she was always reaching out to the audience making them feel like she was singing to them only. That was pretty amazing since it was a sold-out concert here in Vancouver Canada. She is everything you see on stage and off. That is a rare trait in any artist out there today. Lady Gaga makes you feel like you can walk up to her and start a conversation and she would be okay with it. I guess it’s fair to say I’m a big fan. LOL

I loved the halftime show and maybe the other team liked it too because it seemed to light a fire under their butts in order to actually help them win the Super Bowl so, maybe Tom Brady should thank Lady Gaga for coming out and giving them the energy they needed to lift up and get that winning touchdown to win the game.

Congratulations to the New England Patriots for winning this year’s Super Bowl. And congratulations to Lady Gaga for giving the New England Patriots the fire they needed to get up and get out to win that game.


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