New Year New You and New Me

Some people look forward the the new year when they believe things will change. We look at the clock as it counts down and, sometimes, are glad to see the year end and a new one begin. I enjoy the old and the new.

Celebrating a new year doesn’t mean you have to leave your house

Due to weather and disability, I don’t get out much during the winter months. Kind of afraid of what might happen like another slip and fall, leading me to lose use of both my legs. I ventured out almost a month ago because I had to see my physician and I was terrified. I was terrified because of the ice and the snow surrounding my home and pretty much everywhere else in the lower mainland of Vancouver where I live. My doctor was surprised I made it in since she is well aware of my disability and that I use forearm crutches or a mobility device to get around. Since that time it’s been snowing off and on with extremely cold weather so, long story short, I didn’t make it out of my house for the New Year celebrations.

Staying at home is sometimes better than leaving it

I’ve been to many New Year celebrations, with my favorite and, most memorable, being the 1999 KISS concert in Vancouver. Of course that concert was two years before I became disabled. It was pretty awesome though. We won tickets to the concert and I seem to remember a band named Nickelback opening for the band. I remember one guy falling from the upper seats and landing on the ground about 15 or 20 feet high. He appeared to be highly intoxicated and quite happy as they rolled the stretcher away.

I remember that the world was expected to stop because of the new Millennium and quietly giggled as I thought of my own friends and family who had bought things like a bomb was expected to drop. People were afraid to go out because they didn’t know what would happen. I’m glad I went out. The band forgot to say Happy New Year when the clock finally struck midnight and, it wasn’t until about 10 minutes after the hour, that the band remembered to wish the crowd the best in the New Year.

I went to one other New Year celebration after that one and then became physically disabled. I really have only been to a few home parties in the last 15 years since I broke my leg, because it’s too difficult to climb stairs and move around to chat. I really got tired of it and decided that perhaps it would be better to have the parties in our home so I can relax. It still was really tiring so one day we decided that was that when it came to going out to celebrate the turning of a clock and a the beginning of a New Year. We went back to the days when our children were little and we watched Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve, then loudly banging the pots and pans while we screamed out our front door, “Happy New Year”. Of course the walking to the front door to do that was difficult so it was left at the wayside too. Eventually our New Year celebration became just us or us and our grand kids and of course Mom.

I have become quite happy staying at home and ringing in the New Year, comfortably with the person who has celebrated with me for 36 years now. We sit and watch the countdown’s, this year was the Pitbull New Year’s Celebration, and as the clock counts down we realize that the year passing was not so bad and the year coming will be even better because we are together. I don’t drink alcohol so it’s not even about toasting the New Year. The New Year for me means another year being surrounded in love and being accepted by those who know me. That’s the best way I know how to ring in a New Year, ending and beginning with love.

I hope your celebration was great, no matter what you did. My wish for you is that this year will bring you more than what you need and that you make a difference in someone else’s life who may need it. Offer a smile or a hand up.

Have a great day.

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