Original story: The darkness falls

Image: Black Sun Renegade

Image: Black Sun Renegade

Original story: The darkness falls

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The darkness falls. The stars vacate the sky. The thunder rolls. The moon hides. The sun is hidden. Apocalypse has began.

The day before, there was no sign of the impending doom. Nothing happened unusual or odd that day. Children played, people grumbled on their way to a job they hated and others simply moved around as in a zombie state, paying no mind to the the people around them and definitely not worried that the day could be the last that they know peacefully.

One minute past midnight the chaos begins with no end in sight. Sirens. Alarms. Bells. Loud speakers and voices. Television shows interrupted for a special announcement. Internet crammed with worried users, searching for an answer as to why things were happening at an alarming rate. No answers are found in any search engine and eventually the internet crashes. Television and radio are next. No communication except by mobile phone and eventually they stop working too. No answers anywhere if and when this will stop and life will return back to normal but people know that it never will.

The asteroids and meteors begin to rain down on the earth and people around the globe forget their hatred of each other and now band together in fear of a much greater enemy and one which they know they will not control. Crash! Boom! Bang! Like a bad episode of televion’s Batman except its not fiction, it’s real and there are no super hero’s which are able to fight what was always destined to come.

The earth begins to implode on itself and the oceans envelope the land mass which once stood to separate humans. No borders now. No races. No 1% to worry about. Now it’s just mass destruction. Nothing like the Christian bible could have ever predicted. The weight of the water is far more than the core can handle and it begins to cool.

No sounds. Nothing. Not one bird. Not one annoying mosquito or yellow jacket. Not one tiger or bear or lion or house cat. No faithful dog who kept watch for over a decade. No fish or aquatic life because the core heated the water to boiling temperatures. No cries for help. No prayers to God for help. Silence. Eery silence.

One day life was normal and the next day, life existed no more.

My final thoughts:

Each day that we have is a precious one and we must never take them for granted because we never know if we will have a tomorrow. Live life and love who you are. Be happy and thankful that you have today and treat your tomorrow like the gift it is.

Thanks for reading  my blog and have an amazing day.

2 comments on “Original story: The darkness falls”

  1. merle48 Reply

    When I have thoughts like what you wrote about, it
    makes me realize once again what is most important in my gift of life. Certainly silly arguments, getting angry at people we don’t really know on the news, internet, television are not. There are no guarantees for tomorrow, and I know this. If only more people would contemplate it? Simply be kind and do positive things one day at a time.

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